2020 Home Care Symposium

April 1st - 28th

View recordings from our Home Care Symposium virtual series.

Thank you for attending our Home Care Symposium virtual series. Presentations are now posted to our Home Care Product Resources Webinar Archive

MEDITECH is excited to announce a virtual symposium series during the month of April, in lieu of an in-person Home Care Symposium. Starting April 1st, we will be presenting up to two sessions a day on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday each week, covering over 20 topics — both main program and track-focused. Each session will run for approximately one hour, allowing for questions and dialogue prior to the next session.

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    Wednesday, April 1

    12 p.m.

    Direction of Home Care Development
    Michael Triggs, Director, Product Development, MEDITECH
    Chris Pearson, Senior Supervisor, Client Services, MEDITECH

    Join Michael Triggs and Chris Pearson as they discuss how our Home Care product is evolving to meet the challenges of upcoming industry changes.

    2 p.m.

    Clinical Development Discussion
    Alice Black, Supervisor, Product Development, MEDITECH
    Meet with our clinical product owner to discuss the challenges of implementing PDGM and how we can streamline processes in the software.

    Thursday, April 2

    12 p.m.

    Changes to Case Conference & IDT 
    Hinda Polyakov, Senior Specialist, Client Services, MEDITECH
    Rachel Hollifield, Software Developer, Product Development, MEDITECH

    One of the most important tools in the PDGM era will be your agency's use of case conferencing. Explore the many useful system changes to our Case Conference functionality, such as dictionary enhancements, new fields, and the new way of adding patients to meetings.

    2 p.m.

    Administrative Development Discussion
    Kimberly Makepeace, Supervisor, Product Development, MEDITECH
    Hear from our administrative product owner to learn about recent changes to the Case Conference functionality and discuss upcoming changes related to private duty.

    Tuesday, April 7

    12 p.m.

    Performance Management Program (PMP) Development Discussion 
    Stephen King, Manager, Client Services, MEDITECH
    Chris Pearson, Senior Supervisor, Client Services, MEDITECH
    Mark Bassett, RN, BSN, MAS, Lead Software Designer, Client Services, MEDITECH 

    Meet with our PMP team to hear what’s in their development pipeline for 2020 and offer feedback on current and future functionality.

    2 p.m.

    A Closer Look at Efficiency Metrics
    Stephen King, Manager, Client Services, MEDITECH
    Melody Cochran, Senior Specialist, Client Services, MEDITECH

    Join us as we explore several new Home Care Reports that will give you valuable insight into targeted financial and administrative areas important to your business success. Since PDGM reimbursement is based on claim data and the billing cycle being reduced by half, understanding how long processes take and where delays can lie is vital to cash flow. During this session, we’ll focus on the following metrics: Days to RAP, Days to Final, Billing Conditions Holding up Claims, Days to Signed Physician Orders.

    Wednesday, April 8

    12 p.m.

    Prepare, Prevent, Respond: Cybersecurity for Home Care Professionals
    Justin Armstrong, Security Architect, System Technology, MEDITECH
    Cybersecurity breaches and ransomware are prominent in every industry — even healthcare. Many of us know organizations that have suffered a cyber attack and, whether you’re aware of it or not, your own organization may be at risk. Join us as we explore how to be prepared in the event of a cyber attack.

    2 p.m.

    Reducing Admission Document Times
    Melissa Keeley, Senior Specialist, Client Services, MEDITECH 
    Don't let the ongoing changes to regulations and admission visit documentation slow your agency down! Improve documentation times and clinician satisfaction by implementing these admissions best practices.

    Thursday, April 9

    12 p.m.

    Interoperability Development Discussion
    Kathleen Garcia, MT(ASCP), Lead Software Designer, Product Development, MEDITECH  
    Meet with our Interoperability Product Owner to discuss upcoming enhancements, including the alert of clinicians upon receipt of Lab results, alerts to agency and MEDITECH when interfaces are not functioning, and electronic referrals from Ambulatory.

    2 p.m.

    Building Interventions: How to Create Agency-Specific Care Steps
    Daniel Argo, Senior Implementation Specialist, Client Services, MEDITECH 
    Explore the best way to build your own agency-specific intervention care steps.

    Tuesday, April 14

    12 p.m.

    New Interface/Integration Features
    Kathleen Garcia, MT(ASCP), Lead Software Designer, Product Development, MEDITECH 
    Explore a new third-party e-Sign interface, as well as two new Home Care features: the integration of immunization information, and the ability to automatically attach documents from Scanning and Archiving to the patient chart.

    2 p.m.

    Process Remittance Best Practice
    Katherine Ford, Senior Specialist, Client Services, MEDITECH
    Update your strategies for using the Process Remittance task, including setup for maximum utilization and how to correct remittance mistakes.

    Wednesday, April 15

    11 a.m.

    How to Prepare Your Organization for PDGM
    Carla Van Dyke, RN-C, MA, Regional Director, Patient Services, Avera@Home
    Learn about the organizational changes Avera@Home put into place to better prepare for PDGM.

    1 p.m.

    Updated PDGM Retrospective Report
    Chris Pearson, Senior Supervisor, Client Services, MEDITECH
    Join us as we explore the 2020 updates to the PDGM Retrospective Report, including length of stay, LUPA rates, and resource utilization. We’ll also review the ability to see all five components driving the HIPPS score for each clinical group within your agency's census.

    Thursday, April 16

    12 p.m.

    PDGM: Diagnosis Process
    Brandi Ruiz, Senior Specialist, Client Services, MEDITECH
    Alicia Dull, Specialist, Client Services, MEDITECH

    Learn our recommended diagnosis coding process in the new PDGM system, including the best way to handle a significant change in condition.

    2 p.m.

    Financial Development Discussion
    Kimberly Makepeace, Supervisor, Product Development, MEDITECH    
    Meet with our financial product owner and discuss current and upcoming functionality related to PDGM and Client Billing.

    Tuesday, April 21

    12 p.m.

    Clinical User Experience Development Discussion
    Philip Chow, Manager, Product Development, MEDITECH
    Join our clinical UX product owner and preview the future of clinical documentation in Home Care.

    2 p.m.

    HELP! A Tool You Can Use To Your Advantage
    Katherine Ford, Senior Specialist, Client Services, MEDITECH
    Did you know that you can use Home Care Help to find the answers to your questions? You’ll also learn how to use Home Care Help in conjunction with other Best Practice documents and webinars to train new staff.

    Wednesday, April 22

    12 p.m.

    PDGM: Great Expectations and Lessons Learned
    Maria Avers, RN, MSNE, Director, Stillwater Medical Home Health Services
    Stillwater Medical Home Health Services is PDGM-ready! Hear from Stillwater director Maria Avers as she shares what the agency did to prepare, including staff education, and ways to improve outcomes. She’ll also share lessons learned from the first few months of the PDGM initiative.

    2 p.m.

    Home Care Mobile Enhancements
    Brandi Ruiz, Senior Specialist, Client Services, MEDITECH
    Get a sneak peek of new Home Care Mobile features, including geotracking, attachment viewing, and activity log recording and confirmation.

    Thursday, April 23

    12 p.m.

    Improving the Quality of Your Admission Process
    Brock Haiderer, Analyst, Client Services, MEDITECH  
    During this session, you’ll learn how properly documenting required items and building care plans can improve the quality of your agency's admission process. We’ll also discuss how to adapt to the new external and internal changes.

    2 p.m.

    Acute e-Sign Process for Home Care
    Milt Biliouris, Supervisor, Client Services, MEDITECH
    During this session, we’ll discuss how to send documents for electronic signature using Home Care. You’ll see what the physician sees in the Web Sign Queue or Physician Desktop, and discover how to resend or make corrections. We’ll also discuss future improvements to this functionality.

    Tuesday, April 28

    12 p.m.

    So Many Records, So Little Time: A QA Process
    Etienne Bertie, Senior Specialist, Client Services, MEDITECH  
    Taneau Mack, Senior Specialist, Client Services, MEDITECH   

    With recent industry changes, QA and OASIS/HIS submissions need to be as complete as possible. Learn how your agency can review and manage the OASIS and HIS processes more efficiently.

    2 p.m.

    Troubleshooting for PDGM: Identify Issues, Maximize Output
    Katherine Ford, Senior Specialist, Client Services, MEDITECH
    Find out about the newest and best ways to troubleshoot your system, now that PDGM is LIVE. MEDITECH has completed many system changes to make PDGM easier for users. This session will help you to understand the updated Episode Information page and learn where to diagnose and correct mistakes.


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