Nurses and Patient Care

Smart and sophisticated tools for every care discipline, in every setting.


Nurses spend more time with the patient — and contribute more information to the patient record — than any other member of the care team. MEDITECH Expanse guides them every step of the way with embedded conditional logic; standard, evidence-based templates; active and predictive surveillance; and clean, user friendly navigation, ensuring the time they spend with patients is meaningful.

MEDITECH Expanse helps inject more of the human element back into nursing, increasing facetime between nurses and their patients by eliminating many of the administrative barriers that came with older IT systems. Nurses can now use simpler, more modern bedside-accessible technologies, including smartphones, to safely document and administer care, while still keeping their focus on the patient.

MEDITECH Expanse supports higher quality, compassionate care with an emphasis on:

  • Mobility

  • Care Coordination

  • Care Quality

  • Patient Safety

  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration

  • Care Specialties

  • Evidence-Based Documentation


Now more than ever, nurses are always on-the-go, toggling between multiple complicated patients. Documenting one patient's information at a workstation prior to visiting another at the bedside simply isn't practical anymore. By uniting care with technology at the bedside, nurses can spend more time with their patients, document alongside them, and walk them through the steps to treatment and recovery.

With its web-based navigation, MEDITECH Expanse provides nurses with the flexibility to document care using the device that best meets their current task and workflow. This may include a traditional laptop or tablet, or for even greater convenience, a smartphone or handheld mobile device using our Expanse Point of Care software. You’ll be able to administer a patient's medication without having to wheel in a WOW and disturb other patients.

With a small device in hand, you won’t need to turn your back to patients while you document. Clinicians can use the native barcode scanner to quickly identify a patient without having to scroll through a worklist. Nurses can quickly administer a medication or document an intervention, and then slip the device back into their pockets to move onto the next patient. Native smartphone navigation and easy-to-interpret icons make it quick and easy to perform tasks, even for aides who may have English as a second language. And since it’s mobile, nurses can instantly receive real-time notifications and check in on patients as they go.

Care Coordination

MEDITECH Expanse spans the full spectrum of care, helping nurses communicate with their peers across care settings and ensure smooth transitions. Whether using the patient status board to communicate patient handoff between shifts, or case management tools to transition patients to the next level of care, nurses see the full patient story. And with the help of centralized multidisciplinary care plans, status boards, and surveillance tools, nurses can always ensure their patients stay on the right track to recovery.

Care Quality

Keep ahead of the game with MEDITECH's Surveillance solution. Similar to a GPS, surveillance supports nurses by using data collected on patients to generate real-time actionable notifications when a patient's condition changes or they’re at risk of developing an infection. Surveillance not only improves quality care at the bedside, but also shows decision makers and leaders what’s happening with their patients in real-time, and keeps them updated on hospital-acquired conditions and core measure documentation.

For more advanced data needs, nurse executives can use our Business and Clinical Analytics solution to analyze outcome patterns and trends. Generate interactive, flexible dashboards, and use advanced graphing and analytical capabilities to manipulate data on web-enabled mobile devices. These high level executive dashboards also enable you to track Meaningful Use clinical quality measures, core and menu objectives, and quality outcomes.

Patient Safety

Help make medication errors a thing of the past with Bedside Verification. Scan barcodes on patient wristbands and medication labels to verify all requirements of safe medication administration. Similarly, scan and verify blood products with information stored in a patient's Transfusion Administration Record (TAR) to meet all requirements of safe transfusion administration. Instantly review associated data captured in other care settings, such as lab results and diagnostic reports, to help with decision making and enhance patient safety.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration

It’s all about teamwork, and today’s interdisciplinary care teams stay up to speed with our real-time Status Board and patient trackers. Need a reliable communication tool for handoffs? Want to know which patients are at risk for falls? One look at your Status Board tells you what you need to know.

No more searching through paper medical records—electronic records travel with you on your mobile device. Access patient charts and document interdisciplinary care wherever you want, whenever you want. Use interprovider messaging capabilities for efficient, real-time communication among your colleagues.

Care Specialties

Our Patient Care and Patient Safety solution is designed to meet the clinical documentation needs of all care specialties, including labor & delivery, CCU/ICU, pediatrics, skilled nursing, rehabilitation, long-term acute care, home care, behavioral health, wound care, dialysis, and more. Therapists in particular, benefit from the mobile nature of Expanse Point of Care, which makes visiting patients across floors more efficient when everything they need to document care and administer medications fits cleanly in their pockets.

For post-acute care, the embedded Resident Assessment Instrument (RAI) will drive your care plans at any facility type, including swing bed locations. Quickly and easily complete the RAI, trigger corresponding care area assessments (CAAs), and add appropriate problems to the plan of care. Our solution also calculates activities of daily living (ADL) scores, determines Resource Utilization Group (RUG) categories, and shares all relevant Minimum Data Set (MDS) data with patient accounts.

Coordinate care across all your specialties, with content and workflows designed around patients’ unique needs.

Evidence-Based Documentation

Create documentation templates the way you want them. We deliver hundreds of evidence-based, standard templates, but if you don’t find exactly what you need, you can create it—no programming knowledge required.

Direct caregivers to the next logical step in patient care with embedded conditional logic. Attach protocols to care plans and assessments to ensure clinicians follow standard policies and procedures. And, use flowsheets and graphing functionality to track and trend patient progress.