Keep people at the center of healthcare with Traverse.

True interoperability goes beyond one-to-one data exchange. With MEDITECH Traverse, interoperability is one to many; an ecosystem designed for national data exchange ranging from CommonWell Health Alliance® connectivity to FHIR APIs and other accessible data sources.

You need data flowing right into clinical workflows at the point of care — presented in intuitive, personalized, and meaningful ways — across a wide variety of settings and organizations. Available within our Expanse EHR, MEDITECH Traverse keeps people at the center of healthcare by enabling providers to gain clinical insights and improve outcomes for everyone.

Learn how San Luis Valley Health Regional Medical Center uses CommonWell Health Alliance® to bridge gaps in care.

Download The Union Hospital Interoperability Case Study

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Elevate care for the whole patient.

Achieve Secure, Sophisticated Care with MEDITECH's Interoperability Solution

Every patient's care journey is unique. For providers to deliver "whole-patient care" they must see the big picture — making interoperability critical. Traverse reaches across the healthcare system to present data from a wide range of sources inside and outside of an organization.

Close gaps in care through interoperability.

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    Meet four-year-old Carter Thomas. As Carter's mother is planning his birthday party, a reminder appears on her phone regarding his annual wellness pediatric visit. She confirms the appointment using MEDITECH's MHealth app and answers the health assessment questionnaire in preparation for his office visit.

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    During Carter's physical exam, pediatrician Dr. Daniel Stevens detects an unusually low heart rate, prompting him to order an ECG test. After reviewing the results, Carter is referred to Dr. Tanya Lee, a cardiologist using the MEDITECH EHR at a local community hospital.

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    As Carter and his family navigate the healthcare system, MEDITECH Traverse including One Touch, One View, and One Step ensures that his medical information follows him everywhere he goes. Dr. Lee can see Carter's medical history including his heart rate, blood pressure readings, and referral notes with the summary of the ECG results from his pediatric visit with Dr. Stevens.

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    Dr. Lee sends orders to a colleague for a more extensive ECG and x-rays using One Step to the Children Hospital's other vendor EHR, to check Carter for congenital heart disease. Children's Hospital receives Carter's cardiology orders and schedules him for an appointment.

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    When Carter arrives for his appointment, Children's Hospital retrieves his medical records via CommonWell Health Alliance®, noting his peanut allergy and history of development delays. Once testing is completed at the hospital, Dr. Lee reviews the ECG and x-ray results from within MEDITECH using One Touch. She confirms Carter has a complete heart block and needs a pacemaker.

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    Carter is scheduled for surgery and receives the pacemaker at the Children's Hospital. After the procedure, Dr. Lee orders another ECG as well as more x-rays post-op to check on the device and lead wire placement.

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    Dr. Stevens can see Carter's clinical results from Dr. Lee's orders in Expanse using One View. He can also see Carter's test results, medication orders, diagnosis, and post-op discharge care plan from the Children's Hospital.

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    In addition, Carter's father can quickly and easily access all of Carter's health information from all locations in one place using the Apple Health Records on iPhone app.

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    Manage chronic conditions using an iPhone®

    Paul is a 35-year-old diabetic. Using Health Records on iPhone he can:

    • View information shared from MEDITECH's patient portal, including his most recent HbA1c values, cholesterol, and due date for his next annual eye exam.
    • Review allergies, medications, vital signs, lab results, conditions, procedures, and immunizations captured from across multiple organizations and combined with his own documented blood glucose readings and other PGHD.
    • Share his record with providers to help fill information gaps for those areas not connected through interoperability.
    • Help his provider see the impact exercise — logged via his Apple Watch — has had on his weight and blood glucose measurements, all recorded through the Health app.

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    Improve care delivery with MEDITECH Traverse.

    Bridging care gaps and increasing physician efficiency with Traverse

    Representatives from Citizens Memorial, the Valley Hospital, and Signature Healthcare share how they're using MEDITECH Traverse to improve care delivery.

    Dr. Louis Harris

    "Being able to see where patients have been, what their experience was, what their plans were, what tests they were supposed to have...within our own system is really beneficial."

    Dr. Louis Harris, CMIO, Citizens Memorial

    Create innovation through connection

    APIs and vendor collaboration play a vital role in fueling innovation, increasing EHR value, and laying the groundwork for better healthcare by ensuring data can be shared appropriately regardless of where patients receive care. MEDITECH includes two new collaborative environments:


    The Greenfield Workspace is an open app development environment where MEDITECH Expanse customers and third-party developers can create mobile apps using RESTful FHIR APIs.

    If you are interested in learning more about Greenfield Workspace, please submit this form for more information.


    The MEDITECH Alliance is for partner organizations with proven, successful, and interoperable products which are aligned with MEDITECH and our solutions.

    If you are interested in applying to join MEDITECH Alliance, please submit this form for more information.

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    Traverse Exchange Canada bridges communication across communities.

    Traverse Exchange Canada is a new cloud-based interoperability solution that enables the free flow of health information from multiple participating organizations and sends it to MEDITECH's EHR and other EHRs that comply with interoperability standards. The solution provides clinicians with a more holistic view of their patients' care. It will be available via a software as a service subscription model beginning in Ontario, with the intent to expand throughout Canada.

    • Cloud-based technology seamlessly connects participating organizations to each other and to Ontario Health using MEDITECH's record locator system.
    • Once patients opt in, providers receive a comprehensive picture of their record directly within the MEDITECH EHR — regardless of where care was provided.
    • Data is located beyond hospital walls, across jurisdictional or federal systems from a variety of sources.
    • Data can be viewed or consumed within the EHR as discrete data.
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    Prepare for the future.

    As healthcare becomes more and more data driven, MEDITECH is ready with interoperable solutions to ensure data flows seamlessly wherever it needs to be available.

    MEDITECH is advancing interoperability through collaboration with various industry workgroups and organizations: FAST, Direct Trust, CommonWell Health Alliance®, 360X, Argonaut, Da Vinci, Gravity, and Helios.

    Stay tuned for more details about MEDITECH's participation in the Interoperability Showcase at HIMSS23 — including both CommonWell and the 360 Exchange (360X) Closed Loop Referrals and Transfers demonstrations — as we continue to be a catalyst in advancing interoperability.

    Visit us at ViVE to learn more about our interoperability solutions.