6.1 is the path to clinical transformation.

MEDITECH’s 6.1 platform is here: a clinically-integrated, state-of-the-art healthcare solution that’s meeting the needs of large IDNs, small critical access hospitals, and everything in between.

For providers, 6.1 means universal access to the complete patient story across the continuum; all the right information is just a touch away, when and where you need it. For patients, it means your caregivers can focus all their attention on you, rather than their device.

6.1 will revolutionize the way you work. Better still, it puts the Web EHR’s mobility in your hands.

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MEDITECH 6.1 on a tablet

6 ways 6.1 supports you.


By giving you technology that’s truly transformational. We’ll change the way your physicians interact with IT, with tools that are as easy and intuitive as using a tablet or smartphone. Yes, that’s right.


With robust content that’s evidence-based and peer-reviewed... Imagine having hundreds of evidence-based order sets, rounds lists, clinical panels, and specialty templates—all right out of the box.


...And specialty-specific. An oncologist’s needs are different from a cardiologist’s needs, which are different from an orthopedic surgeon’s needs, and so on. Get the best practice content for your specialty, embedded right in your workflow.


By improving physician productivity. Work faster and smarter with technology that gives you the complete patient story. The right technology helps you to be better; it doesn’t hold you back.


With minimal training. You didn’t need to take a four-hour training or read a huge manual to use your smartphone. Guess what? You also won’t need to do those things to use your EHR.


And metrics for high-value healthcare. Meet your strategic goals for population health, ACOs/PCMHs, and overall sustainability with a Central Business Office and enhanced tools that track your clinical and financial progress.

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We have gone from multiple EHRs to one standard MEDITECH install across all of our hospitals. The resulting integration, standardization, and the elimination of a large number of interfaces has improved the continuity of care between our hospitals. The flexibility and the functionality in our MEDITECH EHR has improved efficiency in the delivery of care. One patient, one chart is what we were striving for, and MEDITECH has helped us achieve that goal.

Jesse Diaz, Vice President of IS and Clinical Informatics

Phoebe Putney Health System (Albany, GA)

Better content = better care. Here’s the standard content and specialty-specific best practices you’ll get with 6.1 and Web Ambulatory:

Ambulatory Order Sets, Flowsheets, Widgets, HPIs

Evidence-Based Inpatient Order Sets

Care Plans

Inpatient Physician Documentation Templates

ED Order Sets, Documentation Templates, Clinical Panels

Clinical Decision Support Interventions

Inpatient Clinical Panels

ITS Procedures across imaging modalities

Nursing Status Boards

ED and Inpatient Patient Lists


Lab Tests, Micro Procedures, BBK Tests and Products

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The evidence-based content in MEDITECH’s software is the soul, the heart, and the brains of the EHR. It is so much more than an automated chart—it is a knowledge platform with the ability to inform, educate, and support the clinical process.

Laurence Spector, MD

Lead Content Physician, MEDITECH

Sold on 6.1? We have a plan to get you there.

Our READY implementation plan will make it easy for you to transform care delivery and drive productivity from day one. We’ll be with you every step of the way, from pre-planning to post-LIVE. A partnership with MEDITECH will prepare you for milestones like HIMSS Analytics Stages 6 and 7, with a system that’s smart and intuitive from the start. Here’s how we can help:

By engaging executive leadership. We get your execs involved from the very start of the implementation, with monthly statuses that keep them up to date. No getting off track.

With elbow-to-elbow physician training.We’ll get all your clinicians up and running on the first day of go-LIVE. No provider left behind.

By anticipating challenges early. Our implementation plan detects and documents any deviation from proven best practices, and moves it up the governance chain for senior management approval. No surprises.

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When MEDITECH introduced the READY program, offering a truly collaborative approach, we really started considering 6.1. Together, we worked through the transformational process to reach our purpose—achieving a fully integrated EHR. I can’t say enough about the READY methodology.

Steve Taylor, CIO

Anderson Regional Medical Center (Meridian, MS)

Look who's signed on for 6.1.

The Valley Hospital

(Ridgewood, NJ) is a 450-bed, high-quality health system and longtime MEDITECH partner. In fact, two of Valley’s staff nurses recently co-developed a Critical Care application for the ICU/CCU along with MEDITECH’s Development team.

Beaufort Memorial Hospital

(Beaufort, SC) is a 197-bed, acute-care hospital, regional referral center and the largest medical facility between Savannah, GA, and Charleston, SC. With MEDITECH, 200+ physicians always have clinical decision support when ordering medications.

Avera Health

(Sioux Falls, SD) will utilize the MEDITECH 6.1 Web EHR across its fully integrated health network which comprises over 300 locations across five states, including 38 hospitals, 160 clinics, and 21 nursing homes.

Halifax Health

(Daytona Beach, FL) depends on the MEDITECH system to power its 680-bed hospital with the largest emergency department in Florida, which sees over 100,000 visits annually.

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We found MEDITECH’s 6.1 platform to be the right fit for our organization... MEDITECH is one of the only EHR vendors we found that is truly integrated, and we believe a complete patient electronic record enables our clinicians to deliver safer patient care.

Raphael Jaffrezic, CIO

Galway Clinic (Galway, Ireland)

See how 6.1 will revolutionize the way you work.

Download Our Interoperability White Paper