Financial Staff

Give your behind-the-scenes staff everything they need to impact your business and financial performance.

The financial success of your organization hinges on your staff’s workflow productivity. So we’ve designed integrated revenue cycle, ERP, and financial management solutions to fit the bill. We support the following roles and more:

  • Account Representatives
  • Business Office Director
  • Supply Chain Staff
  • HR and Payroll Staff
  • Accountants

Account Representatives

No dollar left behind. Our patient accounting tools enable you to efficiently bill and follow up on collections and denials for one or more accounts from a centralized desktop.

Create one bill for all services rendered. Daily worklists and task management keep claims moving, while a color-coded chart organized by days and buckets helps you to manage the collection stream. System-wide integration prevents lost claims and denials by capturing the right information upfront for one-time billing and claims processing. You can even analyze and track current sources of denial for future prevention.

Business Office Director

How is your patient accounting office doing? Use our interactive graphical and tabular views to find out. Screen receivables, revenue, cash flow, claims, worklists, billing tasks, account checks, and insurance denials. Establish organizational goals and compare with current financials. Gauge staff productivity and provider revenue. Even drill down into the integrated General Ledger for more details. Have a global view of all automated system activity.

Supply Chain Staff

We help keep your costs low and your inventory up to par. Real-time inventory tracking and decrementing keeps your stock at optimal levels and notifies you when it’s time to buy. With e-commerce, you can secure the best prices for supplies and electronically place orders, track status, and submit payments. 

Integration between Materials Management and Accounts Payable makes it easy to convert requisitions into POs and reconcile invoices to ensure the right supplies are received at the right price. Purchasing and receiving departments can view and drill-down into the same information, eliminating unnecessary phone calls between departments.

HR and Payroll Staff

You’re responsible for building and sustaining a cohesive team. Our Human Resources solution can help. Use online applicant tracking to match openings to skills. Track employee education, licenses, and skills to ensure staff have the appropriate qualifications to deliver high quality care. And manage central employee records to track demographics, health and safety records, performance reviews, scanned forms, and much more.

You can even engage employees through an online employee portal and electronically sign off on their personnel action forms. Integration with our Payroll application supports the processing of multiple payrolls for a single employee or an entire facility, as well as reporting to government agencies.


Number crunching is not enough. You need more. A flexible chart of accounts assists you in managing finances across multiple facilities and departments, including the ability to drill down into integrated applications to view transaction details. Whether allocating expenses and revenues, building custom reports and financial statements, or managing and depreciating assets, we’ve got you covered.

Achieve real results with MEDITECH's Revenue Cycle.