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Innovation starts with great ideas, but healthcare requires more than just vision. True innovation is actionable, proven, and accessible. Clinicians need solutions that work for them and their patients, right now.

Providers today are using MEDITECH's Expanse platform to transform care in ways they couldn't, just a short time ago. We'd like to introduce you to some of these organizations, so you can see for yourself what next-level healthcare can (and should) look like when the promise of innovation is realized.

One EHR, no limits. Welcome to the new reality of healthcare.

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It's your journey. Where do you want to go?

Each healthcare organization takes its own unique journey to innovation and technology adoption. But no matter where you want to go, MEDITECH Expanse can help you get there. In these videos, see why several of our customers decided to go forward with Expanse, and how their implementations set the stage for a long-lasting transformation.

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Technology that puts clinicians first.

The best technologies add value to your life, not extra burdens. Expanse prioritizes clinician satisfaction and mobility like no other EHR — delivering a comfortable, personalized, untethered experience to make the day easier and more productive. That means more face-to-face time with patients, as well as more free time to recharge.


Healthcare in every place, every day.

Today's healthcare has moved far beyond the confines of the community hospital. Whether your patients are in an academic medical center, specialist's office, rehab clinic, or at home — you need your EHR to connect the dots. Because Expanse is fully interoperable, it traverses healthcare's digital landscape for maximum connectivity, seamlessly navigating the twists and turns of every care setting and bridging gaps in care.

Download the Union Hospital Interoperability Case Study.

And keeps patients at the center.

Expanse's convenient mobile solutions keep patients and their families at the center of their own care team, by improving their access to information and strengthening partnerships with providers. With Virtual Visits and our Patient and Consumer Health Portal, a positive patient experience is never out of reach.

Download our Case Study: Ontario Shores Advances Patient Engagement with MEDITECH.


Stop small problems from becoming big ones.

Early intervention can save lives. Expanse empowers providers to detect subtle changes in a patient's condition, and take action before they become harder to manage. For example, using MEDITECH's EHR Toolkits (e.g. Sepsis Management, CAUTI reduction) in tandem with the Quality and Surveillance solution, our customers have experienced the following results:

Pie chart showing 81%

81% increase in Sep-1 core measure compliance by Hilo Medical Center (Hilo, HI), from 42% to 76%

Pie chart showing 65%

65% improvement in Sepsis mortality rates and 150% improvement in Sep-1 core measure compliance for Frederick Memorial Hospital (Frederick, MD)

Pie chart showing 45%

45% decrease in CAUTI cases and a 35% reduction in indwelling catheter days for RCCH HealthCare Partners (Brentwood, TN)

The proof is in the numbers.

According to a recent study by Navin Haffty and Associates, a greater percentage of Expanse hospitals received positive Value-Based Purchasing adjustments compared to those using other leading vendor EHRs. And these programs are having an impact.

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Kalispell Regional Medical Center (Kalispell, MT) increased cancer screenings by 22% and improved compliance rates for diabetic wellness visits and eye exams using MEDITECH's patient registries.

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Palo Pinto General Hospital (Mineral Wells, TX) uses Expanse Ambulatory in their "Bridge to Health" mobile clinic to extend care to underserved populations.

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Deborah Heart and Lung Center (Brown Mills, NJ) uses MEDITECH's Business and Clinical Analytics to target specific improvement areas. The organization increased discharges by 10 a.m. sixfold, thereby improving patient throughput and satisfaction.

Exploring new horizons

As healthcare's digital transformation continued in 2019, MEDITECH and our customers went beyond pushing the envelope: we arrived at our destination, delivering the full web experience to both physicians and nurses. This innovation has led to some impressive results.

MEDITECH Expanse Earns Top KLAS Honors

For the 6th consecutive year, MEDITECH was recognized by KLAS as a top market segment performer, this year earning 2020 Best in KLAS Acute Care EMR (Community Hospital), as well as KLAS Category Leader for Patient Accounting and Patient Management (Community Hospital). Learn more about how Expanse is moving the needle by helping healthcare organizations enhance patient care.

MEDITECH was also recognized as an A-List Honorable Mention in the recent KLAS Acute Care EMR Report: Buyers Unwilling to Settle, indicating an 11% increase in potential customers considering Expanse, and an existing customer base who would overwhelmingly buy the system again.

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In 2019, momentum around Expanse led to the following results:

of 2019 signed business was net new

of new signings also included Ambulatory

hospitals went LIVE with Expanse

hospitals have now licensed Expanse

This is more than an evolution — it's a revolution.

See how our customers are improving outcomes with real results.

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