Power your organization with information. Visualize your data to answer the big questions.

Whether you’re a healthcare CEO, CFO, COO, CNO, or other executive leader, you can use MEDITECH’s Business and Clinical Analytics solution to monitor and evaluate your organization’s overall performance, and make more informed decisions faster.

The tool contains standard content dashboards that cover the areas of most concern to executives — enabling you to view trends and key performance indicators, emphasize business and clinical performance drivers, and pinpoint areas for potential change.

See how your organization is faring in the following areas:

  • Operational Efficiency
  • Quality/Meaningful Use
  • Revenue Cycle
  • Financial Performance

Operational Efficiency

Manage volumes and throughputs, understand your patient mix, and identify events that will have reimbursement implications. See an overview of performance on key census metrics across care settings. Compare performance to trends over time and identify areas to increase efficiency.

Quality/Promoting Interoperability

Evaluate the quality of care delivery. Standard clinical quality views include outcomes measurement for Promoting Interoperability, and analysis for readmissions, mortalities, sepsis, and other hospital acquired conditions. Compare performance to benchmarks, and analyze potential root causes of adverse outcomes.

Revenue Cycle

Improve your revenue cycle by monitoring bill performance, receivables dollars and days, and denials across ambulatory and acute environments. Analyze billing data to identify top sources of revenue, monitor cash flow, and better understand the relationship between patient volumes and charges.

Financial Performance

Is your organization above or below total payroll costs per year? Are general ledger expenses above or below budget? Which departments have the highest expense budget variance? Answer some of your organization’s most pressing questions with our financial dashboards.

Achieve Real Results

Watch Melanie Swenson, Director of HIT at Kalispell Regional Healthcare, explain how MEDITECH's Business and Clinical Analytics puts data in the hands of the end user, so you can see how you’re performing on key metrics.