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Care comes together with MEDITECH Expanse and CommonWell Connected™.

MEDITECH is committed to truly interoperable care, where both clinicians and patients benefit from the seamless sharing of information across the entire continuum. As a CommonWell Connected™ Member, MEDITECH ensures that health information is free-flowing across clinicians and networks, enabling a “frictionless” coordinated care experience for everyone.

With Expanse, clinicians get the whole patient story as well as real-time access to all records embedded right within their daily workflows — even when care occurs outside your typical network. With the additional bi-directional exchange between CommonWell and Carequality, our system can share member records with all major EHR vendors, including those that primarily serve large academic medical centers.

There is no one right way to achieve interoperability, but no matter what route suits your organization, MEDITECH and CommonWell can get you there.

Mike Cordeiro: MEDITECH Expands Interoperability with CommonWell

Share information, save money, and improve care coordination.

In addition to enhancing efficiency, MEDITECH and CommonWell Health AllianceⓇ can improve your bottom line by cutting down on redundant patient testing as well as costly system interfaces. MEDITECH customers benefit from the following features available through CommonWell:

  • Patient Identification and Linking

  • Record Locator Service

  • Data Broker (Query and Retrieval)

  • Trust Fabric (Privacy and Security)

For more details, MEDITECH customers should check out our

CommonWell Resource page
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"We’re excited to be at the forefront of interoperability breakthroughs and technical innovation in healthcare. Even more importantly, we’re excited to bridge gaps in patient care through connection to CommonWell and deliver the best outcomes possible for our community."

David Shroades, COO

Aultman Alliance Community Hospital

See the results for yourself.

Interoperable care isn’t just a goal for the future; it’s here right now. Learn how healthcare organizations are using MEDITECH’s EHR to improve care delivery through information sharing, including a video and case study.

Read how MEDITECH Expanse is helping our customers achieve great results with Interoperability.

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