MEDITECH Expanse Continues to Shift the Market

There’s a seismic shift underway in the EHR market. KLAS Research recently ranked MEDITECH Expanse #1 or 2 in all categories rated — the seventh consecutive year MEDITECH has been recognized by the healthcare data and insights firm. Expanse received top honors in the Acute Care EMR and Patient Accounting & Patient Management categories for community hospitals for the second year in a row. And for the first time, Expanse was rated the top Home Health EHR for organizations under 200 average daily census.

But there is more to the story beneath the surface. Expanse was rated a top performer (close second place) for both large hospitals and large ambulatory practices. Expanse’s strength across all categories led KLAS to name it the second most highly rated Overall Software Suite in 2021, just over a point from first.

The results are clear: MEDITECH has now closed the gap and is neck and neck for the top EHR — for healthcare organizations of all sizes.

MEDITECH's remarkable results in both large and small categories are a testament to the scalability and flexibility of Expanse, a sustainable solution for hospitals and practices of all sizes in all markets.

Best in KLAS

Expanse received top honors in three categories:

Best in KLAS 2021 award - Acute Care EMR (community hospital) for MEDITECH Expanse

Acute Care EMR

Community Hospital

Best in KLAS 2021 award - Patient Accounting & Patient Management (community hospital) for MEDITECH Expanse

Patient Accounting & Patient Management

Community Hospital

Best in KLAS award - Home Health (small) for MEDITECH Expanse

Home Health EHR

1-200 average daily census

Top Performer

Expanse was rated a top performer in two additional categories, finishing a close second:

Acute Care EMR (large hospital/IDN 200+ beds) for MEDITECH Expanse
Ambulatory EMR (large 75+ physicians) for MEDITECH Expanse

2021 Overall Software Suite Rankings

The Overall Software Suite ranking is reserved for those vendors that provide a suite of products clients would purchase to address their core IT needs. Vendors that have both a fully rated clinical and financial system qualify for this overall suite ranking.

While we appreciate these accolades, the most important measure for us continues to be the experience of the clinicians and staff who use our software every day. It’s their positive feedback about Expanse that remains most meaningful to us.

  1. Epic
  2. MEDITECH Expanse
  3. Cerner
  4. CPSI Evident Thrive
  5. Allscripts

MEDITECH Expanse placed first or second in all categories in which it received sufficient survey responses and would have been a top performer in every other category that had limited data.

Industry Buzz

The following observations from healthcare executives were shared with KLAS over the past year:

“The (Expanse) platform is very slick and smooth. I could be shuffling from the ambulatory setting to the acute setting to the ED setting very easily, provided I had user privileges in all of those settings. The transition is basically seamless from one setting to another. The chart organization is identical. No matter what setting I am in, I don't have to learn a completely different set of workflows. The workflows are very similar in all areas of the product.”

— Chief Medical Information Officer, January 2021

MEDITECH has stepped up during the COVID-19 crisis. It has been an intense time, and MEDITECH has been an outstanding partner.”

— Chief Information Officer, January 2021

Expanse Patient Accounting is a stable financial system. It ties in very nicely with the EMR. The EMR and this system work very well together which is a huge reason we chose MEDITECH.”

— Healthcare Finance Manager, August 2020

“If a patient comes to me for a visit, I spend something like one minute on the technology piece and 15 minutes with them. This solution has given me the power and tools to handle the technological aspect of patient care in MEDITECH in a short period of time. I am able to provide better patient care with this product. . . . We have seen that our patients’ satisfaction ratings are getting higher and higher each month. Patients are more satisfied with the care they are receiving, and the Expanse Ambulatory EHR deserves some credit for that.”

— CMIO, January 2021 (KLAS Large Ambulatory EMR Report)

Note: Quotes in KLAS reports are kept anonymous to ensure complete candor on the part of interview subjects.

Making Your EHR Your Own

Clinicians who have the knowledge and ability to personalize their EHRs are more satisfied and efficient users. This is why we made personalization a defining quality of Expanse. In their Large Ambulatory EMR 2021 report, KLAS Research and the Arch Collaborative gave MEDITECH high marks for clinician satisfaction with EHR personalization, noting “MEDITECH receives consistently high ratings for making EMR personalization tools available. Respondents say MEDITECH has stepped up in recent years, leading to a much-improved end-user experience with personalization tools.”

Note: Data for MEDITECH, NexGen, and eClinicalWorks was limited. For full details visit

KLAS Performance Data - Satisfaction with the level of EMR personalization available for providers.
Best in KLAS award - Home Health (small) for MEDITECH Expanse

MEDITECH Home Care is a flexible and scalable home care solution for organizations of all sizes.

Expanse Brings Home a New Award — Home Care

The power of Expanse is its ability to connect the entire continuum of care with a single EHR — the same intuitive, web-based system for every setting. That includes home care. Now, for the first time ever, Expanse has been named the top small Home Health EHR. While data for MEDITECH was more limited in the large Home Health category, Expanse received similarly high marks for organizations over 200 average daily census.

“The vendor is great, and their product does what they say it does. It doesn’t let us do something that is incorrect. The system covers billing, orders, and scheduling, so we can’t make a visit without an order, and that is great. The system is very reliable. It covers quality and regulatory issues.”

—Director, October 2020

Black Book Research

KLAS isn’t the only organization taking note of MEDITECH Expanse. In 2020, Black Book Research — a leading provider of competitive intelligence, client satisfaction and market research for the healthcare IT industry — gave MEDITECH its Highest Client Satisfaction Award for Inpatient EHR and rated Expanse #1 in usability for nurses.

2020 Black Book Highest Client Satisfaction Award for Inpatient EHR icon

2020 Black Book Highest Client Satisfaction Award for Inpatient EHR

2020 Black Book #1 EHR in Usability for Nurses icon

2020 Black Book #1 EHR in Usability for Nurses

Expanding Market Share

The market footprint continues to grow for MEDITECH Expanse, with new hospitals and IDNs joining the existing MEDITECH customers migrating to our web-based solution.

Highlights from the 2020 KLAS Market Share report:

  • Expanse’s mobile, web-based platform and modern EHR capabilities drove a second consecutive year of increased market share for MEDITECH
  • MEDITECH’s acute care market share growth came from new IDNs and standalone hospitals
  • Customers rated MEDITECH highly in loyalty and value, reflecting long-term relationships and trust, as well as superior TCO.
  • MEDITECH surpassed Cerner in the number of smaller organizations signed.

An Expansive View

At MEDITECH we have an expansive view of the future, always believing the best is yet to come. 2020 was a challenging year but we remained productive and hopeful, hitting some impressive milestones:

  • 8 new innovative products that extend the Expanse EHR
  • 3 new cloud-hosted solutions, including a new physician mobility app
  • A robust new web-based interface and modern workflows for nurses
  • 60+ go-lives — from small Critical Access Hospitals to large IDNs
  • Implementation of the largest private healthcare network in the U.S.
  • Dramatic increase in our MEDITECH as a Service model (138%)
  • Robust growth in new hospitals choosing Expanse (60% of bookings)

New Tools for a New Era

There’s a reason MEDITECH Expanse is continuing to capture attention and market share. It’s a modern EHR with a growing set of tools for the changing healthcare landscape.

Here are a few recent additions to the Expanse family: