HETT NORTH - 28th February 2024 - Manchester Central - #HETTNORTH24 - HETTNORTH.CO.UK

MEDITECH's Attends HETT North Event


MEDITECH UK was delighted to be part of the HETT North event held in the vibrant city of Manchester. This groundbreaking event cast a spotlight on the latest advancements in digital healthcare and technology, bringing together professionals, thought leaders, and industry enthusiasts under one roof.

Joined by colleagues from across the industry, MEDTECH UK  Sales Consultant Richard Mangeolles and Client Services Manager Karen Tuffy attended thought-provoking sessions that delved into critical topics shaping the future of healthcare delivery. From discussions on integrated data ecosystems to empowering patients through digital solutions, the event offered invaluable insights into the transformative power of technology in healthcare.

Equally important was the emphasis on workforce engagement and support. Recognising the crucial role healthcare professionals play in the delivery of quality care, the event addressed strategies for fostering a supportive and engaged healthcare workforce. The collaborative atmosphere at HETT North underscored the importance of knowledge sharing and cross-industry collaboration in addressing the complex challenges facing healthcare today. 

Sessions focusing on the implementation of Electronic Patient Records (EPRs) provided practical strategies and best practices for optimising clinical workflows and enhancing patient outcomes. As healthcare providers increasingly transition to digital records, the discussions at HETT North provided a platform to explore successful EPR implementations, challenges faced, and lessons learned.

“Looking ahead, we are eager to witness the growth and development of the HETT North event in the coming years,” said Tuffy. “The event left a lasting impression, showcasing the industry's commitment to embracing technological advancements for the betterment of healthcare. As MEDITECH remains at the forefront of healthcare technology, we eagerly anticipate future opportunities to engage, learn and contribute to the dynamic landscape of digital healthcare.”