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What is MEDITECH Greenfield?

MEDITECH Greenfield is a testing ground for apps that can integrate with MEDITECH Expanse. Developers have the ability to execute the APIs and test their applications against a real MEDITECH EHR. It also gives customers and application developers access to interactive documentation for the APIs published by MEDITECH.

What is the value in API integration?

Standards-based APIs are game changers for interoperable healthcare. By giving providers, patients, and consumers direct access to specific data points through convenient apps, they will get to see and use information in ways they never could before. Apps give providers more freedom and flexibility to work the way they want to. In addition, consumers will have new vehicles for accessing and interacting with their own health data. The result is healthcare innovation that leads to more satisfying user experiences for all.

For which MEDITECH releases/platforms are these APIs available?

Currently, MEDITECH Greenfield is available to MEDITECH Expanse customers.

How can I see what APIs are available?

Our testing environment includes a list of available Common Clinical Data Set APIs and associated documentation. Register now to get started.

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to our MEDITECH Greenfield support team.

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