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50 years of bold innovation.

A. Neil Pappalardo founded MEDITECH with the revolutionary belief that computers could transform the way we care for one another. Five decades later, that innovative spark burns brighter than ever. MEDITECH has stood at the vanguard of healthcare IT since Day One, embracing whatever changes the industry throws at us, and finding new ways to improve healthcare for patients, providers, and organizations everywhere. The most exciting part? We feel like we’re just getting started.

More than software.

Healthcare is all about people, and MEDITECH is no exception. We may be best known for our solutions, but our identity runs deeper than that. Meet some of the unique people behind your EHR.

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"From its beginnings, MEDITECH has embraced a family-oriented culture that makes caring for people a priority. It's reflected in the software we create, and it's something that we've continued to instill in our employees as our company has grown. Whether it's giving back to our local communities or advancing healthcare on the global scale, we feel lucky to be in the position to improve people's lives."

Lawrence A. Polimeno

Vice Chairman, MEDITECH

"Many hospitals, like ours, have been with MEDITECH for 20+ years. I think that's unique in the industry. MEDITECH really empowers their customers at both the corporate level -- asking for input on product development -- and the more local level, educating the users as part of the implementation to be able to make changes they need to make on their own. It's been very gratifying for our users and our organization."

Joe Farr, RN

King's Daughters Medical Center

“Fifty years later, we are still just people with a desire to help care for others. The possibilities of technology will continue to move far beyond what even the young teams of today can envision. But the goal remains the same. Giving caregivers back their home life. Helping patients take control of their own health. Putting people first.”

Howard Messing

President & CEO, MEDITECH

“Throughout our 25-year relationship, we’ve seen healthcare undergo massive shifts. MEDITECH has always found ways to evolve with us, support new strategic directions, and deliver results. As our two organizations have grown, the dedication to this partnership and achieving our common goals has only deepened. The foundation of such a relationship is trust.”

P. Martin Paslick

Senior Vice President and CIO, HCA

"In the beginning we had no great and far reaching plan. Each event, every decision, a success here, a mistake there, would take us another step forward."

A. Neil Pappalardo

Chairman & Founder, MEDITECH

“From MAGIC, to C/S, to Expanse, MEDITECH has always found ways to bring something new to the table. Over the course of our 30-year partnership, they’ve provided Avera Health with EHR solutions that have helped us to grow into a multi-state regional healthcare system. They understand what an organization needs from their EHR, and what providers and patients want from it.”

Jim Veline

Senior VP and CIO, Avera Health

“I always feel MEDITECH’s focus is on us, the customer, and the patients that we care for. It’s not about next quarter’s earnings. It’s about delivering a long-term investment, and building a long-term relationship with your partners that matters.”

Denni McColm

CIO, Citizens Memorial Hospital

“I think MEDITECH listens to their customers and their needs. They recognize that physicians and nurses are experts too, and they’ve evolved their product in a way that makes customers say, ‘You know, they heard what we wanted, and found a creative way to build a system that works best for us.’ That’s something that sets MEDITECH apart from other vendors.”

Bruce McNulty, MD

VP and CMO, Swedish Covenant Hospital

“From the early days of our MIIS install (yes, I remember that), MEDITECH has always had a vision of the future. Technology has changed in ways we could never dream of, and yet MEDITECH has been a leader throughout this journey. Once again, they are on the cutting edge as they introduce Expanse and new ways to envision healthcare data. It is hard to believe it has been 50 years, or that I have had the pleasure of working with Neil, Howard and the team for over 34 years. Congratulations on 50 years of innovation and customer service!”

Mark Farrow

VP HITS, CIO, Hamilton Health Science

“As a customer and consultant, there’s a family component to MEDITECH. It’s not just software. It’s not just delivering products. It’s the experience. Expanse is designed with a thoughtfulness that shows that MEDITECH is paying attention to their customers and how they interact and grow with the platform. It’s like family — you know that MEDITECH is going to take care of you.”

William Gustin, MD


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