To Improve Patient Engagement, Focus on the Patient

For patients, convenient access to information and the care team is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Empower them to take charge of their health and engage them with MEDITECH's EHR solutions. Whether connecting with patients through our portal or using Expanse to review results and care plans during visits, you'll be able to provide the empathetic care experience they need and deserve.

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The doctor will see you NOW.

See healthcare through a new lens. MEDITECH's Virtual Visit functionality offers you convenient, remote interaction with your patients embedded into your workflow, including the ability to bill and document care. Patients no longer have to wait anxiously to have questions answered — all they need is their device of choice.

MEDITECH's MHealth app goes where your patients go.

Every day, millions of patients worldwide access MEDITECH's Patient Portal. Now, they can also use our MHealth app for streamlined, direct access. See it in action!

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Convenience is key.

New, interactive features make it easier than ever for patients and consumers to "own" their healthcare. With MEDITECH's Patient Portal, they can:

  • Directly schedule appointments
  • Pay bills
  • Access visit summaries
  • Communicate with providers via secure messaging
  • Print immunization records.
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Engaging Patients with Technology and Humanity

From patient to executive, everyone has a hand in the "common courtesy" of a transparent consumer experience at Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences.

Hear it from the experts.

What do industry leaders say about patient engagement? Read the latest strategies on our blog to see what they have to share.

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4 ways to improve and maintain a quality patient experience

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Capture every chapter of your patient's story, wherever it happens.

Achieving the Quadruple Aim

"By treating patients as unique individuals and not just a compilation of conditions, caregivers can better anticipate common sources of patient anxiety and take steps to mitigate them… Empathy also impacts your organization's bottom line by fostering patient loyalty and affecting patient satisfaction scores, which in turn impact value-based purchasing penalties."
Source: The Advisory Board Company, Cultivating Empathy: Why Empathy is Important and How to Build an Empathetic Culture, ©2016

Teamwork matters.

MEDITECH provides the tools and workflow efficiencies you need to effectively treat and transition patients across all levels of care. Your patients are in good hands with solutions that support clinician-driven workflows, clinically-integrated networks, and predictive and self-service analytics.

Discover how MEDITECH Expanse provides the tools you need to improve patient engagement rates and the consumer experience.