Surgical Services

Teamwork. It’s the only way to operate.

From scheduling through discharge, MEDITECH’s fully integrated Surgical Services solution ties it all together for optimal results. Comprehensive scheduling, clinical documentation, inventory control, and management reporting capabilities promote patient safety and enhance care team cohesion.

We give you the simple, intuitive tools you need for:

  • Dynamic Scheduling
  • Surgical Tracking
  • Point-Of-Care Documentation
  • Safe Anesthesia Management
  • Inventory and Cost Tracking
  • Reporting

Dynamic Scheduling

Book, move, cancel, hold, and reschedule cases from a centralized location in an instant. Automatically link preference cards to scheduled procedures. View scheduler’s notes (“Leave wedding ring on patient”) directly from the schedule.

Concerned about resource conflicts? No worries. MEDITECH automatically checks for conflicting resource schedules throughout the scheduling process. Need to move a surgery from one room to another? Drag and drop it. It’s as simple as that.

Surgical Tracking

HIPAA-compliant surgical trackers alert your staff on up-to-the-minute surgical activity. Use the tracker to get acquainted with your surgical team and the role of each team member. Track at a glance whether cases are on time, delayed, or cancelled.

Need to know anesthesia start time? Procedure time? One look at the tracker will tell you what you need to know. How about a tracker for the family waiting area? Build one with unique patient identifiers for confidentiality.

Point-Of-Care Documentation

Easily document the entire perioperative episode, from Preop through PACU. Record operative text, surgical outcomes, anesthetics, staff present, and surgical times—as well as implants, explants, and items used during the procedure. Use the embedded eMAR and Transfusion Administration Record (TAR) to safely administer medications and blood products during surgery or at the patient’s bedside.

Clinicians of all specialties who transition between the floor and the operating room can document multidisciplinary care plans in real-time directly from the surgical record. All documentation flows directly to the patient’s electronic record in real time, for a complete picture of the patient’s health.

Safe Anesthesia Management

MEDITECH’s Anesthesia Interface Suite integrates with a variety of Anesthesia Information Management Systems (AIMS), including Spectrum Medical, enabling your organization to bridge clinical gaps within the continuum of patient care. Sharing critical patient information including ADT, scheduling, allergies, vital signs, medications, labs, an anesthesia report, problems, and billing between the two systems improves outcomes by providing both safer delivery and higher quality care.

Inventory and Cost Tracking

Full integration with the Revenue Cycle solution automatically transmits charges for used preference card items to the patient’s account. Track and analyze inventory utilization and costs in real-time to avoid shortages and overages. Monitor block utilization, delays, mortality rates, and surgery durations. You can also pinpoint changes to inventory when items are lent to, or borrowed from, another location.


Want to know more about operating room activity? Overruns? Delayed cases? Select from one of the 50 standard reports MEDITECH delivers with the Surgical Services solution. Alternatively, you can turn to the Director’s Desktop for executive-level reporting, or take advantage of our powerful custom reporting tools.