Oncology Integrates Cancer Care

Manage your clinic, your way.

Intuitive. Safe. Cost effective. MEDITECH’s Oncology solution is all these things and more. With system-wide integration, oncology clinics have immediate access to each patient’s complete EHR, while supporting clinic workflow.

Premium clinical decision support tools and alerts enhance patient safety, while oncology-specific features (like the ability to only release medications to Pharmacy when they are needed) help reduce costs by eliminating waste.

We provide clinic staff with the tools they need for:

  • Diagnosis-Driven Content
  • Treatment Plan Management
  • Supportive Scheduling
  • Dynamic Data Display

Diagnosis-Driven Content

The forms you need and the oncology treatment plans you want are all right there at your fingertips. National Comprehensive Cancer Network® (NCCN) Templates® are embedded as standard content to help facilitate integrated CPOE ordering. Suggested treatment plans automatically display based on the patient’s diagnosis, helping you select the most appropriate choice. Type-ahead searches and oncology-specific filters make it easy to update the patient’s problem list without having to search through acute visit options.

Recorded diagnoses also trigger the pre-selection of suggested nursing assessments, eliminating a lengthy search process for appropriate interventions. View care through intuitive flowsheets -- customizable by diagnosis and organized by cycle and day of cycle, to ensure the most relevant information is displayed.

Treatment Plan Management

We simplify oncology treatment management by providing intuitive tools to start/stop, hold/resume, and move dates for any of the patient’s treatment cycles. See the patient’s current cycle and add additional cycles as needed from a single screen. Even order multiple cycles at once. Weight-based dosing eliminates the need for manual calculations, while centralized ordering helps you group medications and tests that should be ordered together.

Comprehensive clinical decision support is embedded in oncology treatment plans. NCCN Templates® provide links to the corresponding Clinical Practice Guidelines® in Oncology. These templates include chemotherapy and immunotherapy regimens, along with literature support, supportive care agents, monitoring parameters, and safety instructions. In addition, alerts warn clinicians if a patient’s documented weight is out of date or has changed significantly. Lab values also trigger dose adjustments to ensure the patient gets the right dose, and co-signing is made easy with automatic prompting.

Supportive Scheduling

Oncology shares MEDITECH’s enterprise-wide scheduling solution while also featuring an oncology-specific calendar, which automatically includes the patient’s scheduled appointments. Users can add reminders (such as: start taking antiemetics 24 hours prior to treatment) as well as meeting times for support groups.

In addition, multiple customizable calendars are available. You can adjust the calendar view depending on the patient’s cycles and treatment plans for a more complete picture; you can even give the calendar to the patient to help with self-management. All patient visits also appear in the Patient and Consumer Health Portal profile to help patients keep track of their appointment times.

Dynamic Data Display

A snapshot view of the patient displays all the timely information you need on one screen. You can personalize this view on demand with a variety of dynamic data, such as clinical images—which can help you track the patient’s physical progression throughout the course of treatment, aiding your preparation for the next step in the care plan. You can also annotate images right in the Oncology solution, as well as drag and drop to sort the order correctly.

Quick Launch buttons are available directly from the status board to reduce click counts and increase efficiency when performing a variety of care actions, including documenting or administering medications.

Achieve Real Results

MEDITECH's Oncology solution is helping leading cancer centers like Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS Foundation Trust (Wirral, England) achieve greater efficiencies in care delivery at one of the UK’s largest networked cancer centres. Hear CCIO Dr. Richard Griffiths explain how the UK cancer centre realized both clinical and patient benefits right out of the gate with MEDITECH’s Oncology Treatment Management solution.