Expanse Acute Care: Tap and swipe your way to shorter days.

Save time and prioritize your workload with the first web-based, mobile EHR — built by physicians for physicians. With MEDITECH Expanse, you can quickly review personalized charts, easily prioritize your patient list, and give your patients the safe, face-to-face care they deserve.

Don't stay late because of complicated transitions and unfinished documentation. Work smarter with an EHR that gives you the same user-friendly experience, whether you're in the inpatient environment, at the clinic, in your office — everywhere you make rounds.

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What does it mean to have an EHR that's built by, and for, physicians?


MEDITECH Expanse Earns Top KLAS Honors

For the 6th consecutive year, MEDITECH was recognized by KLAS as a top market segment performer, this year earning 2020 Best in KLAS Acute Care EMR (Community Hospital), as well as KLAS Category Leader for Patient Accounting and Patient Management (Community Hospital). Learn more about how Expanse is moving the needle by helping healthcare organizations enhance patient care.

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Just a touch or two away from the information you need.

100+ Widgets and Specialty Options

Personalize Your Patient Summary

Tailor your layout with widgets and specialty options.

80% of Order Sets Entered with 1 Tap

Order with One Tap of Your Finger

Enter order sets — developed in collaboration with Zynx Health, Inc.

Document the way you want.

Customize patient summaries, assessments, and plans to fit your work style, so you can give your patients more attention, and give yourself more time.


Personalize workflow with expert-based standard content templates.


Document faster with voice recognition, quick text, and saved typicals/normals.


Use Diagnostics Panels for filtering and viewing across specialties.


Identify patient trends with flowsheets that pull data from across care settings.

Justin Smith MD

"Every click matters. One click, two or three seconds here, two or three seconds there, by the end of the day it amounts to a significant amount of time. If you look at that over weeks and months it really adds up."

Justin W. Smith, MD

Adena Health System

Excellence included, with embedded Clinical Decision Support.

Advance clinical decision-making from day one. Our evidence- and expert-based Standard Content — embedded in Expanse for Acute Care — is coordinated with best practice workflows, for safer patient care from the start. Pre-built, physician-related toolkits provide outcomes-focused implementation guides that outline best practice workflow and setup recommendations to detect and treat sepsis, CAUTI, and other high priority conditions.

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Know your patients.

  • View handoff messages, new results, and consult requests from across the continuum
  • Tailor your Rounding List to prioritize workflow in one place
  • Check the Activity Log for a comprehensive look at your patient's current state, with abnormal or critical results expanded
  • Learn their specific circumstances, with special indicators
  • Build rapport with patients through personal notes, reminders, and checklists
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Connect with outside providers.

MEDITECH Expanse is making clinically integrated networks run like clockwork, which will help you do the same. Connect across all care settings and exchange information with outside providers through C-CDAs, APIs, FHIR, HL7, and Direct Messaging. Our successful deployment of CommonWell interoperability services gives you an uninterrupted view of the patient story, no matter where they last received care.

Prepare for quick and easy discharges.

Start planning your patient's discharge on day one with our multidisciplinary Discharge routine. Coordinate with the care team while requesting follow-ups and diagnostics, ordering durable medical equipment, automatically converting inpatient orders to ambulatory orders, and more. You can also manage prescriptions seamlessly with embedded tools offered in collaboration with DrFirst® — all without having to log into other systems or leave the patient's record.

  • Use e-Prescribing to electronically submit prescriptions (including controlled substances) to outpatient pharmacies.
  • Review medication claims histories.

Ensure smooth care transitions.

Transitioning patients between care settings can be complicated.
Simplify the process with Expanse.

Medication Reconciliation

Easily reconcile medications for a complete snapshot of the patient's medication history, including home prescriptions, drugs given during surgery, and medications ordered in acute care.

Handover Coordination

Coordinate handovers with a Sign Out routine to communicate the patient's status and next steps to new providers — especially when transitioning a patient from an emergent setting to inpatient care.

Learn how physicians at Halifax Health improved physician satisfaction, patient experience, and ED throughput using Expanse on mobile devices.

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