IT Staff

Put your IT team at ease with an EHR that is secure, scalable, reliable, and easy to maintain.

MEDITECH software is designed with usability in mind and mobile solutions for the touch screen world we live in. Our new and intuitive web-based technologies help support you with anywhere, anytime access. Integrated and interoperable solutions share data across your organization and community with the flexibility to meet the needs of even your most demanding users.

MEDITECH gives you the tools for enhanced:

  • Interoperability
  • Web-Based Technology
  • Manageability
  • Data Protection
  • Mobility
  • Flexibility


No matter what your organization’s make up, MEDITECH offers interoperable solutions to meet your needs. Our solutions use industry standards to interact with your existing software or affiliations, regardless of the arrangement. We meet HL7 standards and can seamlessly connect across a diverse range of healthcare communities—including centralized, decentralized, and hybrid data models.

Web-Based Technology

We’ve shifted all new designs to a web-based approach. By developing the latest in browser-based solutions, your users are able to access information from any contemporary browser. And our intuitive, clean design ensures an easy workflow for everyone.


Our fully integrated EHR reduces your reliance on interfaces and makes information easy to maintain—helping you reach new levels of operational efficiency. A consistent user interface makes the system easy to learn and navigate, leading to increased user adoption. And with multi-entity capabilities, you can manage data uniformly across multiple facilities, all from a single database.

Data Protection

We’ve got your back! With our system-wide monitoring and reporting capabilities, we’ll help you ensure the safety, integrity, and accessibility of your information. We support industry-proven solutions for backups, data redundancy, and disaster recovery to protect your system no matter what comes your way. And with fully customizable role-based access, encryption, and detailed audit logs, you can rest assured that your data is secure. Furthermore, we provide information security newsletters, blog posts, and other resources to help keep your EHR data as safe as your patients.


Today’s healthcare community is on the move—and MEDITECH’s solutions are keeping in step the whole way. Provide your staff with access to the complete MEDITECH EHR on their laptops or tablet devices from anywhere they connect. Allow physicians to check in on patients from their own mobile devices. And ensure patient safety by enabling nurses and phlebotomists with mobile devices to scan bar codes and document specimen draws, medication administration, as well as transfusion data at the point of care.


No two organizations are alike. So we design systems with the flexibility to fit your setup. Meet the needs of all your users, with customizable features that allow you to control users’ access, create additional capture points and screen layouts, tailor workflows to users’ needs, define data displays, and create your own rules. All with no programming required.

MEDITECH Expanse represents the future of patient care in a mobile world. Let us show you!