Healthcare Information Management

Help your administrative team to be more efficient, and capture more information up front.

Preparation is the key to success in healthcare. We understand how valuable time is—for you and your patients alike. That’s why we’ve designed our integrated Patient Access and HIM functionality to minimize the time you spend bringing patients in, while equipping you with the upfront information capture you need to produce quality results.

Our software will support all members of your team, including:

  • Registration Management Staff
  • Schedulers
  • Coders
  • HIM Professionals

Registration Management Staff

Operate with accuracy and efficiency by using one centralized dashboard to manage all aspects of patient visits—from pre-registration to discharge. Customizable registration questionnaires and patient types combine to create a system tailored to your unique care approach. Users can also scan patient documents or direct electronic forms to the patient e-chart—a single location for managing the patient’s complete legal health record.

Your staff will appreciate the ease with which they can manage beds and occupancy. Bed management tools are grouped together for efficient access to bed requests and reservations, leave of absences, housekeeping indicators, transport requests, and real-time occupancy reporting. Clinicians can also evaluate census data, and view and update information about patients in their care from one centralized location.


Schedulers play a critical role in preparing patients and clinicians for patient visits. With MEDITECH, they are armed with access to real-time appointment tracking, resource utilization, and patient wait-time data. Using the interactive appointment book, they can schedule across multiple locations and facilities, as well as manage resource groups and their associated schedules. Eligibility and authorizations for treatment are easily tracked.


MEDITECH’s integration provides coders with all the right ingredients for obtaining maximum reimbursement for every patient visit. Centralized worklists streamline coding and minimize the time it takes to see payment for services. Submission file processing routines are also grouped together to more efficiently submit abstracting data to outside agencies.

HIM Professionals

Your HIM staff can manage patient identification, release of information, and chart completion from one central location. The system pulls together demographic and visit data captured from across your EHR, and supports real-time updates. Users can merge duplicate records, but more importantly, prevent their occurrence in the first place by using progressively specific search criteria.

Scanning and Archiving accelerates chart completion by providing access to forms management and deficiency routines from a single dashboard. System-wide integration automatically notifies physicians of deficiencies so they can electronically sign and resolve them. Documents can be outputted as necessary, both electronically (CD, flash drive) and in hard copy.