Emergency Department

Drive provider productivity in the ED.

Keep your wait times down and your throughput up with MEDITECH Expanse. Our ED solution provides you with the speed and convenience of the web from any device via a web browser. Specialty-driven workflows — along with modern tablet conventions like tap and swipe —  increases provider productivity while streamlining transitions of care. 

 We will help you:

  • Manage Your Patients and Workload
  • Tailor Displays
  • Safely Place Orders
  • Reduce Documentation Time
  • Ensure Smooth Handoffs and Care Transitions
  • Achieve Real Results.

Manage Your Patients and Workload

Track and prioritize your patients as they pass through your ED. Our fully tailorable and expandable patient trackers help you manage multiple patient lists, monitor wait times, sign up for patients, and easily complete shift hand offs. See key patient details and alerts on the left side of the screen and real-time result notifications on the right to give you a complete picture of your patients' progress. Receive real-time notifications, respond to sepsis and other surveillance alerts, launch into the latest PACS images and test results, trend vital signs, and take appropriate action — all with a few simple taps. Workload management functions also help you prioritize all outstanding tasks and notifications from new results to patient call-backs.

Tailor Displays

Tailor patient chart summaries by selecting from a library of standard widgets, such as complaints, triage assessments, and arrival notifications. The chart summary also includes a widget-driven reference panel that remains fixed on the screen as you place orders, document care, and navigate the chart, so you never lose sight of key details — such as allergies, vital signs, problems, and home medications.

Safely Place Orders 

MEDITECH provides intelligent order management capabilities that automatically trigger suggested order sets based on chief complaint, as well as other factors like patient age. You can place and sign off on multiple orders at once while also performing multiple levels of real-time conflict checks. Upon discharge, e-Prescribing capabilities, including support for controlled substances, are embedded in the workflow.

Reduce Documentation Time

Protocol-driven documentation presents you with the most pertinent documentation templates based on chief complaint. You can also define an unlimited number of pre-defined normal responses on the fly that conform to typical exams and reviews of systems for a variety of common conditions. To save time, MEDITECH employs the "one query" theory, which pre-populates documentation with responses already captured by nurses and other clinicians, along with the option to update these responses.

Additional time saving features include charting by exception, automatic calculations of data scores, and voice recognition. Responses can also trigger additional questionnaires as well as qualifiers to map documentation to the appropriate ICD-10 code. Once complete, you have the option to preview the documentation and make any edits directly from the preview screen, preventing you from having to backtrack to find the appropriate template. For all documented problems, you can determine the length of time the problem remains on the patient's active problem list before defaulting to past problems.

Ensure Smooth Handoffs

As providers change shifts, pertinent patient details are clearly communicated to the next provider through intuitive sign out functionality. Providers can instantly add patients to their lists and review receiving comments.

Upon discharge, a multidisciplinary discharge tool provides your entire care team with a single location to manage the discharge process. Physicians and nurses can easily work together to ensure that patients receive the appropriate orders, referrals, and discharge packets prior to leaving the ED. The packets are also sent to our Patient and Consumer Health Portal, so that patients can easily access them from a home computer or mobile device.

If patients require admission, all of their real-time information (including orders, results, and documentation) is automatically shared with the receiving department. The ED data will also be available for inclusion in the inpatient discharge packet.

Achieve Real Results

Today, hospitals are using our Emergency Department solution to successfully reduce wait times, improve throughput, prevent infections, and avoid return visits. For example, Avera McKennan Hospital's (Sioux Falls, SD)  ED nurse navigator program successfully reduced ED visits by 78% among program participants, saving the hospital $475,000 annually. 

Learn more about how MEDITECH Expanse improves physician efficiency across acute, ambulatory, and ED settings.