Emergency Department

Meet the specialized needs of your ED while sharing information easily among all care settings.

Your ED—a unique entity or an integrated component of your EHR? We believe it’s both. As such, MEDITECH provides you with an integrated set of tools for sharing functionality and information between inpatient, practice, and ED settings, as well as features designed specifically around ED workflow. We will help you with:

  • Triage
  • Patient Tracking
  • Clinical Documentation
  • Centralized Discharge


Your ED nurses can use our streamlined triage routine to record the minimum amount of data needed to initiate treatment. Once entered, clinicians can immediately begin placing orders, assessing patients, and documenting care—while reducing patient turnaround time and improving overall ED throughput.

Patient Tracking

Our customizable ED patient trackers make it easy to oversee patient flow and wait times across the department from a single portal. Our trackers are completely flexible and preference-driven, allowing you to see the information that matters most to your workflow. From custom color schemes and color-coded alerts to real-time results viewing, you have complete control over the display of your patients’ data.

From the tracker, care providers can launch into a patient’s record to document patient interventions, outcomes, and medications from a centralized worklist. We’ll also supply you with the documents and reports needed to satisfy the Meaningful Use Clinical Quality Measures for Emergency Department throughput.

Clinical Documentation

MEDITECH provides preference-driven documentation functionality to support the full care team. System-wide integration coupled with streamlined assessment capabilities like charting by exception and automatic calculations of data scores, expedite care and save providers valuable time. From the patient tracker, care providers can also launch into a patient’s record to document patient interventions, outcomes, and medications from a centralized worklist.

Centralized Discharge

A multidisciplinary discharge tool provides your entire care team with a single location to manage the discharge process. Physicians and nurses can easily work together to ensure that patients receive the appropriate orders, referrals, and discharge packets prior to leaving the ED. The packets are also sent to our Patient and Consumer Health Portal, so that patients can easily access them from a home computer or mobile device.

When patients are admitted from the ED, all of their information (including orders, results, and documentation) are automatically shared with the acute side in real time. The ED data will also be available for inclusion in the inpatient discharge packet.