Clinical Departments

Manage your pharmacy, laboratory, diagnostic imaging, and ancillary areas with ease.

Your clinicians are often the unsung heroes of patient care. They perform the tests, process the results, verify and distribute the medications, and more. So shouldn’t they have access to the same integrated Enterprise Health Record? 

With MEDITECH, clinical departments have immediate access to real-time patient information, along with intuitive, workflow-based displays catered to their unique needs—thereby improving productivity and turnaround. All departments share a single patient record, formulary, eMAR, patient allergy list, and transfusion administration record to prevent conflicts and improve decision making. Real-time results, documentation, and medication conflicts are immediately available to the physicians and nurses who rely on them. We provide the best solution for your:

  • Pharmacy Staff
  • Laboratory Professionals
  • Diagnostic Imaging Staff
  • Therapists

Pharmacy Staff

With flexible roles-based desktops, pharmacists have all the right tools at their fingertips to efficiently and effectively manage daily activities. From verifying patients’ medications, to managing drug inventory, as well as compiling reports and statistics—our desktops enable you to do everything you need to, from one central screen. Embedded and intelligent clinical decision support ensures safe patient care, while we keep you one step ahead of potential clinical errors with full electronic interaction checking for all orders as well as centralized allergy management routines.

Pharmacy is a key component of our closed-loop medication management system. Seamless integration across the EHR supports safe reconciling, ordering, filling, and administration of medications throughout the enterprise.

Laboratory Professionals

A variety of laboratory professionals benefit from a comprehensive and fully integrated LIS, that includes Laboratory, Microbiology, Anatomical Pathology, and Blood Bank functionality.

Laboratory staff can collect, receive, track, and report on specimens and blood products with ease from centralized roles-based desktops. Lab technicians can easily adapt our customizable desktops to fit their specimen processing and resulting needs. Phlebotomists can bring their workflow to the patient’s location using MEDITECH’s web-based Mobile Phlebotomy Solution to support point-of-care collection of specimens, positive patient identification, and specimen/test review using wireless devices such as smartphones, tablets, or other mobile devices.

Microbiology personnel can easily process specimens, track patient infections, and generate epidemiology reports from desktops designed with their unique workflow in mind.

Pathologists will appreciate reporting conveniences like voice recognition transcription, image annotation, and integration with Microsoft ® Word. Sign-out routines let pathology staff electronically or manually sign out cases and finalize result reports, either individually or in batches.

Blood Bank staff can be confident that our FDA 510k-cleared solution will provide the highly specialized functionality a Blood Bank depends on to operate safely and efficiently. Patient safety is at the forefront of our electronic cross matching, donor tracking, and transfusion management routines. Integration with our Patient Care System makes bar coded transfusion verification a reality—confirming the right patient is receiving the right blood product, while helping your staff to document important transfusion details in real time.

Diagnostic Imaging Staff

We enhance the speed and accuracy by which Diagnostic Imaging staff can process exams and generate result reports, with routines designed around the specific needs of radiology and mammography workflows.

Your staff can schedule and record exams, track patients, view images, and document results—all from efficient roles-based desktops. Technologists can accurately record exam details and ensure patient safety with inherent conflict and allergy checking. Diagnostic images are accessible where and when radiologists need them through our standard PACS interface. In addition, MEDITECH has partnered with the National Decision Support Company (NDSC) to ensure delivery of national standard imaging guidelines required for compliance with Imaging Appropriate Use Criteria according to the Protecting Access to Medicare Act of 2014 (PAMA).

Transcriptionists have a variety of options at their disposal to generate result reports, such as the MEDITECH text editor, integration with Microsoft Word, and voice recognition capabilities. Our MQSA-compliant mammography features enable technicians to format questionnaires, enter exam codes, and generate the required patient and provider letters.


All therapists—whether physical therapist, occupational therapist, respiratory therapist, or speech pathologist—play a major role in supporting interdisciplinary patient care. We provide them with full integration into our EHR, along with functionality tailored to their workflows.

Therapists track and prioritize their patients through customizable patient status boards, which display patient details and notifications relevant to their specialties. We also equip them with their own worklists for managing tasks, including support for chart and charge.

Therapists can collaborate on patient care by documenting evaluations and outlining treatment plans on their own customizable portion of the patient’s multidisciplinary care plan. The ability to generate interdepartmental notifications also improves communication with other care team members and facilitates handoff communication with other therapists.