MEDITECH was founded on the idea of pushing healthcare forward. Now, here we are, doing it again.

Remember when EHRs were supposed to help you do more? We do. Healthcare IT is long overdue for genuine disruption and innovation, so MEDITECH is leading the charge by helping organizations reclaim their productivity and do more for their patients. Our solutions are empowering users all over the world to provide higher quality care, with greater efficiency, to more people, at a lower cost. And our customers are impacting their communities like never before. 

Working ahead of the curve is part of our identity. Founded in 1969, MEDITECH was one of the first software companies. MEDITECH’s chairman and founder Neil Pappalardo was a true pioneer, creating the industry’s first codified medical software language and building a company around the idea that computer systems could not only orchestrate care processes, but improve them. 

Today, we’re applying this guiding principle to a very different healthcare industry, with our most innovative product to date. MEDITECH’s mobile, patient-centered Web EHR was designed by physicians to exceed expectations and make patient care both easier and more efficient. You get the data you need, automatically pushed forward to you in easy-to-use, personalized workflows. Interoperability has always been at the heart of MEDITECH, and our dynamic solutions have a proven track record of seamlessly and securely sharing data across all care environments, for care coordination that tells the entire patient story. Whether your goals are clinical, analytical, or financial, MEDITECH will partner with you to make them happen.

After nearly five decades of continuous growth and innovation, MEDITECH has never been more energized. We’re building the next generation of EHR leaders - transform with us, and become one of them!