MEDITECH was founded on the idea of pushing healthcare forward. Now, here we are, doing it again.

The healthcare technology industry is overdue for disruption and innovation. That’s why we’ve redefined what an EHR can do for your patients and your productivity. We’ve released the first fully web-based mobile EHR. And there’s nothing like it.

Our unique mission is to enable customers to provide higher quality care, with greater efficiency, to more people, at a lower cost. We look forward to partnering with you to achieve this mission—and yours. The forces driving us today are:

Provider Productivity. It’s no longer acceptable for your EHR to maintain previous levels of productivity. Technology must make you more productive.

The Patient Experience. By providing universal access to the complete patient story across the continuum, we are solving many of the challenges related to care transitions and population health. One Patient, One Record, One Bill, One Portal.

Interoperability. We join with healthcare vendors and leaders to build a clinically-integrated network with accurate, real time data that helps you deliver the highest quality of patient care.

Healthcare Sustainability. Our clinically sophisticated EHR is offered at a cost well below the industry average. Beyond price, we offer value—an EHR that empowers healthcare providers to deliver what’s valuable to patients.

Working ahead of the curve is part of our identity. For 46 years, we’ve been driven by the Technological Imperative of our Founder and Chairman, A. Neil Pappalardo: We must continue re-developing our products. We must continue to anticipate the needs of our customers by adding appropriate functionality. We must strive to make the human interface easier to comprehend and use.

We’re applying these guiding principles to a very different industry today. Our shared, mobile, patient-centered Web EHR was designed by physicians and clinicians to exceed Usability expectations. Our clinically sophisticated solutions support evidence-based, informed decision making across the continuum. You get the data you need, automatically pushed forward to you on a single, easy-to-use, personalized screen.

You deserve an EHR vendor that earns your trust by demonstrating a relentless, and authentic, commitment to its customers and the industry they serve.