Embrace Family-Focused Perinatal Care with MEDITECH's Expanse Labor and Delivery

MEDITECH is excited to announce the release of Expanse Labor and Delivery - a solution designed to give nurses streamlined, specialized workflows so they can spend more time tending to the needs of mothers and babies.

Expanse Labor and Delivery includes both integrated and interoperable workflows for clinicians working in what can be an unpredictable, complex care setting. No matter what complications may arise, nurses will be able to quickly perform quality, family-focused care, without having to navigate numerous EHR routines.

From one centralized flowsheet, nurses using our Expanse Labor and Delivery solution can:

  • Access personalized widgets, including an OB prenatal widget (available via Expanse Ambulatory integration).

  • Use single sign-on to view real-time, bidirectional data flow between our EHR and the fetal monitor (e.g., fetal heart rate and contraction rate).

  • Closely monitor mother-baby trends and document labor progress on one screen, leveraging side-by-side views of the fetal monitor strip and the flowsheet.

  • Quickly launch Expanse Surgical Services for those instances when the labor process becomes a C-section delivery.

  • Recall the mother’s information onto the baby’s chart for flexible, accurate data capture.

  • View one consolidated status board with information on both the mother and baby/babies.

Perinatal nurses will also be able to use Expanse Point of Care software (included with our Expanse Patient Care and Patient Safety solution) to access various routines - such as admission and medication administration - on a smaller, less obtrusive device for a more intimate, family-friendly care experience.

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