WHO Shares Safe Surgery Initiative to Protect Patients, Save Lives


In recognition of Patient Safety Awareness Week, we’re highlighting how MEDITECH’s EHR empowers users to support a culture of patient safety in healthcare. We believe sharing information with clinicians at all points of care — whether a hospital, clinic, home care, or surgical setting — correlates to the delivery of safe, quality care. 

To improve the safety of surgical care around the world, the World Health Organization (WHO) organized the Safe Surgery Saves Lives initiative, a core set of safety standards that could be applied in all WHO Member States. According to WHO, improving teamwork and communication in surgery decreases errors and adverse outcomes and promotes the use of surgical checklists and other tools to reduce injuries and save lives. 

We couldn’t agree more. In fact, MEDITECH’s EHR allows care providers to communicate in real-time and across all care settings. Stay tuned in the coming months to learn about MEDITECH’s Surgical Services.