West Virginia’s Williamson Memorial to Implement MEDITECH’s MaaS Solution to Enhance Operational Efficiency

Critical access hospital to partner with MEDITECH to implement EHR subscription offering, bringing Expanse to rural facility.


MEDITECH, a leading Enterprise Health Record (EHR) vendor, is excited to see its MEDITECH as a Service, or MaaS, offering continue to gain a foothold in the industry while providing Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs) a subscription to MEDITECH Expanse without the infrastructure or capital cost burdens.

Williamson Memorial Hospital, located in Williamson W.Va., has partnered with MEDITECH to roll out MaaS, which will provide full access to Expanse, leading to an increase in organizational efficiency while allowing for more focus to be placed on patient care.

One of the most appealing aspects of MEDITECH’s MaaS offering is its cost-effectiveness — being able to have a progressive EHR system with all the necessary tools and innovative functionality at an affordable subscription rate for smaller organizations like CAHs. For Williamson Memorial, this meant not having to heavily invest in IT resources. 

As is the case with smaller healthcare organizations, IT staff is at a premium and it’s vital to the organization's success to have an efficient, effective system that doesn’t require a heavy lift from a maintenance and support perspective. According to Charlie Hatfield, CEO and co-owner at Williamson, the opportunity to use MEDITECH’s latest EHR tools, while having a more centralized, streamlined system and IT process, was too good to pass up.

“Williamson Memorial Hospital decided to partner with MEDITECH and use MaaS because it allows all of our hospital portals and systems to be stored in one central location,” says Hatfield. “Every department at Williamson Memorial will have access to each patient and be able to look up the necessary files in any situation. With MaaS being operated by MEDITECH, it will take much of the stress off of our IT Department.”

MEDITECH’s Executive Vice President Helen Waters acknowledges the impact MaaS can have on healthcare organizations, especially those facing various financial and infrastructural challenges.

“MEDITECH prides itself on truly making a difference in the lives of the healthcare professionals and patient populations it serves,” says Waters. “To be able to provide contemporary, clinically innovative EHR tools to all of our customers, regardless of size or revenue, is beyond rewarding.”

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