Top 4 Takeaways from MEDITECH’s 2015 Physician and CIO Forum


Over 380 attendees from around the globe attended MEDITECH’s recent Physician and CIO Forum. The event brought together our clinical and executive communities. What did these two audiences get out of it? Here’s a look at four of the biggest takeaways.

1) Innovation

Hosting this year’s Physician and CIO Forum, Dr. K. Nadeem Ahmed, Medical Consultant at MEDITECH describes how recent changes in our healthcare industry are nothing short of revolutionary.

“With the introduction of ARRA and Meaningful Use legislation came a wave of additional concerns including ICD-10 coding for more accurate billing, interoperability requirements to better manage transitions of care, cost containment, and population health management. Providers are expected to be increasingly more accountable for the health and wellness of their communities, thereby fueling a movement to more effectively engage patients in their own healthcare.”

Customer testimonies from large IDNs, small critical access hospitals, and everything in between clearly illustrated how MEDITECH’s 6.1 product is transforming the way our customers are delivering healthcare. Michael Martz, Vice President and CIO, Ohio Valley Health Services chose 6.1 to achieve a single, unified patient record in which providers from across all care areas can collaborate and easily access data in real time. He cites MEDITECH’s clinical sophistication and flexibility as additional features that made 6.1 their first choice.

2) Increased Productivity

David Flicek, Chief Administrative Officer and Tad Jacobs, DO, Chief Medical Officer at Avera Medical Group presented a click study their organization conducted which pushed Avera Health Systems to purchase MEDITECH’s 6.1 solution. They determined that using MEDITECH 5.66 on a PC requires 17 minutes (305 clicks) to complete the patient visit with two problems, whereas using 6.1 on an iPad requires 5 minutes (107 taps). When you extend the findings to consider the perspective of a provider’s whole month, with an average daily visit total of 20 patients, over one million clicks turns into 2,100 taps.

3) Collaboration

Michael Fletcher, MD, FHM, FACP, Vice President and Chief Medical Officer at Hancock Regional Hospital highlighted MEDITECH’s collaboration as a reason for moving to 6.1.

“You don’t buy a product, because a product is always changing like a moving target. You buy a partner who has the vision to develop the products you need to move into the future.”

4) Big Data

Keynote speaker, Kenneth Mandl, MD, Professor, Harvard Medical School and Director, Boston Children’s Hospital Informatics Program, highlighted how electronic medical records are critical in adding value to patient data and in collaborating with patients.

“EHRs can drive big data forward in a world where data is being collected from everywhere, all the time, in ways we wouldn’t typically expect.”