SYSDBA certified as MEDITECH systems integrator

Datacentre infrastructure provider SYSDBA has been certified as the only MEDITECH systems integrator for Africa and the UK, providing equipment and services that optimize implementation of MEDITECH software to hospital groups and health provider networks.

Founded in 1996, SYSDBA specialises in the design, implementation and ongoing management of the infrastructure required to run leading software solutions such as MEDITECH.

SYSDBA has over six years’ experience of working with MEDITECH to design the optimal platform for each client.

Since relationships with a hospital typically run over 20 years, SYSDBA also advises on infrastructure updates.

“Clients can focus on their core work of running hospitals and healthcare facilities while we run their digital assets,” says Marc Pratt, SYSDBA sales manager.

MEDITECH is one of the world’s leading and most innovative electronic healthcare records (EHR) companies. Established in Boston, Massachusetts, nearly 50 years ago, it opened its South African operation in 1982, providing software which allows clinicians across all areas to access patient records efficiently.

In collaboration with leading vendors to create proven, integrated, technical healthcare solutions for its customers, MEDITECH incorporates clinical, financial, departmental and operational information into its EHR and so enables healthcare organizations to keep both their patients and businesses healthy.

Locally, MEDITECH South Africa works with numerous hospitals, clinics, blood banks and laboratories across the region, Africa and the Middle East. Recently, MEDITECH established its own presence in the UK, incorporating MEDITECH UK in 2017.

Charlotte Jackson, CEO of MEDITECH Holdings, explains that the company established its dominance in sub-Saharan Africa’s connected healthcare space by rolling out its comprehensive inter-operable electronic health record platform.

“Our ability to tailor our products to address the region’s infrastructure and resource challenges has won us a wide customer base and significant annual growth rates. Importantly, our products have positioned sub-Saharan Africa to better combat non-communicable diseases, enabling medical practitioners to deliver higher quality service to patients and facilitate improved communication between healthcare entities,” she says.

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