Steward Health Care System Moves Forward with MEDITECH’s 6.1 EHR


Steward Health Care System, consisting of nine hospitals located across Massachusetts, has signed a contract to move forward with MEDITECH’s 6.1 Electronic Health Record (EHR). A key selling point for Steward was MEDITECH’s READY implementation plan, which includes current and future workflow evaluations, standardized Best Practices, and evidence based content. In addition to READY, there were several other factors that influenced the decision to move forward with 6.1, namely MEDITECH’s strong track record of delivering integration, value, and innovation.

“We continue to see MEDITECH as our long-term partner,” said Steward CIO Julie Berry. “We were impressed with the new features and the standard content that come with the platform. We are excited to be progressing with MEDITECH’s 6.1 EHR.”

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