Steward Health Care Signs Eight Additional Sites for MEDITECH’s Web EHR

Steward Health Care sites in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Florida are scheduled to go LIVE with the Web EHR in 2018.

Steward Health Care System announces eight additional hospitals will implement MEDITECH's Web-based Enterprise Health Record (EHR). The move to MEDITECH's Web EHR goes hand-in-hand with the health system's recent expansion to new states.

A MEDITECH customer for 19 years, the implementation of the Web EHR extends MEDITECH's presence within the Steward Health Care system to include Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Florida by 2018.

“Steward is committed to providing world class care in a more coordinated, efficient manner in the communities where our patients live,” Steward Health Care System Chief Information Officer Julie Berry said. “Expanding our MEDITECH EHR throughout the organization was a key component in moving us toward a more integrated healthcare delivery.”

The decision to move forward with MEDITECH’s new Web EHR is rooted in Steward’s organizational philosophy of investing in the latest and highly innovative EHR as a monumental step to enhance patient care and safety. As an integrated, cost-effective accountable care organization and a physician-led healthcare organization with a rapidly expanding physician network and 36 hospital campuses, MEDITECH's clinically sophisticated, highly-integrated EHR will help to progress their vision of equipping clinicians with the latest tools, workflows, and protocols for greater efficiency.

“It’s exciting to be deploying solutions built for the web to aid in improving quality and population health, while continuing to drive costs down,” Berry said. “Leveraging MEDITECH’s innovative Web EHR to help navigate an ever-changing climate was a vital part of our decision to move forward with MEDITECH.”

Building upon a successful platform and vendor relationship, Steward recognized MEDITECH as a trusted EHR source for the newly acquired eight sites. While Steward values its success with MEDITECH’s legacy platforms, the multi-faceted health system was intrigued by the innovative technology and structure of the new web platform, and how it could help them achieve their various IT goals.

“MEDITECH is proud of our commitment to providing high-quality solutions that are rich in functionality and sophistication at a sustainable price,” MEDITECH Executive Vice President, Helen Waters said. “MEDITECH values our long term relationship with Steward Health Care and we're pleased to have them continue to transform care across North America in the ambulatory and acute environment with MEDITECH's modern web solution.”

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