Stamford Hospital Reduces CAUTI Rates with MEDITECH


With the development of a multidisciplinary program, MEDITECH customer Stamford Hospital (Stamford, CT) reduced hospital-wide urinary catheter use by 50 percent and urinary tract infections by over 70 percent. The program focused on implementing a nurse-directed urinary catheter removal protocol embedded in MEDITECH’s nursing documentation. 

The study estimates that up to six lives and $100,000 may have been saved over a three-year period. For more information, the Stamford Hospital CAUTI Reduction Case Study covers the full scope of improvements since implementation.

MEDITECH customers can also check out our CAUTI Prevention Toolkit, which will support you in the prevention and early detection of CAUTI events by providing physicians, nurses, and quality management staff with best practice workflows as well as immediate access to catheter data, guidance, and clinical decision support notifications.