See How MEDITECH's Web Ambulatory Can Give Time Back to Physicians

Dr. Andrew Burchett demonstrates the speed of MEDITECH’s 6.1 Web EHR, as compared to Avera Health's current desktop solution.


Last year, Avera Health (Sioux Falls, SD) announced the selection of MEDITECH’s 6.1 Web EHR system for its fully integrated health network of over 300 locations across five states - including 33 hospitals, 208 clinics, and 23 long-term care, assisted living, and senior living facilities.

Since then, physicians have seen just how fast they'll be able to complete their daily tasks with our 6.1 Web Ambulatory.   

Hear Andrew Burchett, DO, medical information officer describe how MEDITECH is putting them on track for a two-thirds reduction in clicks and navigation time.