Rhode Island’s CharterCARE Health Partners Continues to Rack up Quality Awards


Over the last year, hospitals within CharterCARE Health Partners (Providence, RI) racked up more than a dozen quality awards, accreditations, and certifications. Roger Williams Medical Center, Our Lady of Fatima Hospital, and Elmhurst Extended Care, were recently recognized for delivering high quality care, safety, and positive patient outcomes.

In addition, surgery programs at both Roger Williams Medical Center and Our Lady of Fatima Hospital have been awarded Blue Distinction Center status by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Rhode Island. 

According to CharterCARE’s press release, the nationwide Blue Distinction program evaluates hospitals on their ability to deliver high quality and safe specialty care based on specialty care expertise and a history of better patient outcomes. Blue Distinction Centers have a proven track-record for delivering better results — such as fewer complications and readmissions — than facilities without these recognitions.

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