Reducing Wait Times - Hamilton, CAN


Camille is a 70-year-old who fractured her hip during a fall. She required a total hip replacement at her local hospital, and is now ready to be transferred to a rehabilitation center. Camille’s bed is immediately prepared for the next patient, who has just been diagnosed with pancreatitis by the ED physician and is about to be admitted. Smooth, right? That hasn’t always been the case.

Hamilton Health Sciences (Hamilton, ON) drastically cut wait times by optimizing their MEDITECH EHR. A new bed management report pulls the right information from their Data Repository and applies it to the Bed Board, enabling all caregivers to have access to real-time information. Centralized bed management activity throughout Hamilton Health helps to transition patients to appropriate care settings more quickly and ends the bottleneck that lengthens wait times.
With a well-oiled allocation system, patients like Camille experience coordinated care transitions as soon as they’re ready, freeing up acute beds for the next patient.