Promoting Patient Wellness - Sydney, AU


Obesity rates in Australia are climbing faster than anywhere else in the world. Almost one-third of the nation’s adult population is obese, a segment that includes 26-year-old Oliver, of Sydney. Oliver’s GP urges him to consider elective weight loss surgery and refers him to a specialist. 

When the specialist accesses Oliver’s medical record in the MEDITECH EHR, she’ll see that Oliver has type 2 diabetes and familial risk factors for cancer — as well as his medications, allergies, and insurance information — all documented in one central record. Oliver’s electronic medical record will do the talking for him, well before they even meet. 

Since 2005, MEDITECH’s corporate partner Ramsay Health Care Australia has implemented MEDITECH’s Patient Administration System, patient care solutions, and billing software in all 69 facilities! And because Ramsay Health Care’s staff securely collect funds from insurance companies, Oliver can focus on a healthier lifestyle.