Permian Regional Medical Center to Connect Rural Clinics with MEDITECH's Web EHR


A customer since 2002, Permian Regional Medical Center (Andrews, TX) is set to implement MEDITECH’s new 6.1 Web Ambulatory EHR. The 44-bed facility located in West Texas has MEDITECH installed across all healthcare facilities, including their Rural Healthcare Clinics and Home Health offices.

“The physicians really like the widget concept," says Sandra Cox, CFO at Permian. "With the Web Based Ambulatory EHR, you can customize what you want to see, when you want to see it. This removes the need to switch back and forth from screen to screen—a huge timesaver.”

The Web Ambulatory EHR will be a key component of the medical center’s Quick Care Clinic. Centered on Main Street, it’s a place where patients can get a quick fix for colds, viruses, and other ailments. The clinic treats an average of 600-800 patients a month and is a vital part of the local community.

For more information about connecting your community, check out MEDITECH’s Web Ambulatory solution.