MEDITECH's 6.1 Surveillance Identifies, Prevents Infections at Valley


When The Valley Hospital moved forward with MEDITECH’s 6.1 EHR, hospital leaders recognized the potential in its new electronic surveillance tool and agreed to be an early adopter. Less than a year after going LIVE, MEDITECH’s Surveillance solution has earned their confidence for its power and versatility.

With 23 boards in use, Valley counts on the new tool for everything from identifying and preventing sepsis and other infections, to complying with core measures and improving patient throughput. For example, in March 2016, 100 percent of HIM-coded septic patients at Valley were found by the solution.

“Why wouldn’t you want to free staff from performing repetitive tasks or surveilling patient information, when the EHR can accomplish those same functions faster and more easily?” asks Chris Neumann, project specialist at Valley.

Read more about Valley’s journey from early adopter to success story in MEDITECH’s new case study, Detecting the Undetected: MEDITECH’s Surveillance Identifies and Prevents Infections at Valley.