MEDITECH Teams with Northeastern U to Lead Nursing Innovation


Through a partnership with Northeastern University, MEDITECH is ensuring that today’s ideas become tomorrow’s tools in digital healthcare.

MEDITECH is participating in the Northeastern University Nurse Innovation and Entrepreneurship Advisory Board to communicate directly with nurses and nursing students.

“The Advisory Board puts nurses in the same room with leaders in healthcare, electronic health records, and digital applications to find solutions to improve the care environment for nurses and their patients,” explained MEDITECH Executive Vice President Hoda Sayed-Friel, who also serves on the Advisory Board. “We know that nurses, as front-line providers, have unique insights that can lead to the next innovations in patient care.”

By encouraging nurses and nursing students to take an entrepreneurial approach, the Advisory Board gives them the opportunity to see how healthcare innovations are brought to market.

“From our perspective as a leading EHR vendor, there is no better way to learn what nurses face in their day-to-day work than asking them,” said Sayed-Friel. “MEDITECH believes in fostering innovation and supporting nurses in their entrepreneurial goals, drawing upon their unique insights and providing them the tools to lead the way to the next innovations in healthcare.”

Sayed-Friel explained that MEDITECH sees its partnership with Northeastern as “an integral link in our efforts to proactively respond to the changes in the healthcare market and inform future professionals of the environment that awaits them.”

Northeastern will be offering more opportunities and events in 2017 through the Nurse Innovation and Entrepreneurship program. The Advisory Board is next scheduled to meet in March.