MEDITECH Supports STEM Initiatives to Build the Future of Healthcare

MEDITECH is helping to build the healthcare workforce of tomorrow through its support of STEM initiatives and organizations.


With the increasing demand for employees in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics [STEM] — the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that 9 million new jobs will be created in these fields by 2022 — MEDITECH is helping to build the healthcare workforce of tomorrow through its support of STEM initiatives and organizations.

“MEDITECH recognizes the importance of STEM initiatives in nurturing the next generations of healthcare providers,” says MEDITECH President and CEO Howard Messing. “We see our support of these organizations as an investment in the future of innovation.

“With an estimated 1.3 million new healthcare jobs predicted for the next decade, and the number of STEM healthcare workers aged 55 and over nearly doubling in recent years, it is critical that we identify tomorrow’s leaders in healthcare today.”

One of the ways MEDITECH supports collaborative STEM education is through its participation in the Northeastern University Nurse Innovation and Entrepreneurship Advisory Board. The program brings leaders of healthcare, electronic health records, and digital applications together with nurses and nursing students to explore new solutions to clinical issues.

“From our perspective as a leading EHR vendor, there is no better way to learn what nurses face in their day-to-day work than asking them,” says MEDITECH Executive Vice President Hoda Sayed-Friel. “MEDITECH believes in fostering innovation and supporting nurses in their entrepreneurial goals, drawing upon their unique insights and providing them the tools to lead the way to the next innovations in healthcare.”

MEDITECH also partners with MassBay Community College, Rowan College at Burlington County, and Deborah Heart and Lung Center of Browns Mills, N.J. to offer a certificate program in healthcare informatics.

“This 50-hour distance learning opportunity provides an introduction to the field, as well as a look into the technology that powers electronic health records,” says Deborah CIO Rich Temple. “The course is really putting our hospital at the forefront of cultivating talent that can allow us to survive and thrive.”

MEDITECH also recently started participating in Youth CareerConnect at Brockton High School (Brockton, MA), which matches employee mentors with high school students who are exploring careers in STEM fields.

“Technology companies and healthcare leaders in general are uniquely positioned to nurture STEM education,” says Messing. “By sharing our experience and commitment to ongoing innovation, we’re giving students the chance to make discoveries that will improve many people’s lives down the road.”

Learn more about MEDITECH’s contributions to STEM and other charitable organizations on our Community page.