MEDITECH’s Web EHR Gives Citrus Valley the Tools to Transform Care

CVHP is currently implementing 6.1.6, with a go-LIVE expected in early 2019.


Longtime MEDITECH customer Citrus Valley Health Partners (CVHP) in Covina CA, recently signed an agreement to upgrade its existing EHR systems to MEDITECH’s Web-based solution, continuing a relationship that first began in 1987.

CIO Dan Nash says the health system’s experience with MEDITECH and the improvements in physician productivity were key to CVHP’s decision to move ahead with the innovative platform.

“MEDITECH has a better interface and a better workflow for our physicians. They felt that fewer clicks and cleaner-looking screens would enable an easier transition for seasoned medical staff,” says Nash.

“On top of that, we’ve had a great partnership for over 30 years,” he continues. “The physicians have a real comfort factor with MEDITECH that we didn’t have with other vendors and felt they could trust MEDITECH.”

Preserving a Strong Revenue Cycle

CVHP, which includes three acute care hospitals and a hospice/home health program with over 3,000 employees and nearly 1,000 physicians, issued a request for proposals from several EHR vendors in 2015 and embarked on a year-long process of evaluating the responses.

Among the top priorities, says Nash, was preserving its favorable revenue cycle results — an A/R average of 48 days for a group that serves a population of one million in San Gabriel Valley, for example.

“MEDITECH’s revenue cycle side is very strong,” notes CFO Roger Sharma. “It is a workhorse and aided in our ability to bring down our A/R days and position us better financially.”

Getting Ready for True Clinical Transformation

Another key selling point was the READY implementation plan provided by MEDITECH as part of the upgrade process. Nash says that Robert Curry, CVHP, president and CEO, understood the value of READY as an out-of-the-box, best practice implementation model.

“He’s a change agent who’s brought the organization to a new level of performance over the past eight years. The entire executive team realized that this was not going to be just a technology change, but an opportunity for true clinical transformation.”

Using Value to Grow Business

“But the MEDITECH Web EHR’s value also influenced our decision,” he explains. “It only requires one install instead of several. In addition, it offers a full Enterprise Resource Planning solution for our financials, and the cost to maintain MEDITECH’s system was lower than other vendors.”

Citrus Valley is currently implementing 6.1.6, with a go-LIVE expected in early 2019; the upgrade ensures that the organization can continue to grow and easily install the platform in newly acquired practices.

“We looked at MEDITECH’s Web Ambulatory and Web Acute solutions and knew that this made a lot of sense as we grow our business. We can expand our MEDITECH ambulatory footprint at a good cost ratio using that product line,” says Nash.

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