MEDITECH’s Web EHR Brings Integration Value to Wilma N. Vázquez Medical Center


Since implementing MEDITECH’s Web EHR in February 2016, Wilma N. Vázquez Medical Center (Vega Baja, PR) is experiencing the value of integrated healthcare. In just eight months, the 150-bed hospital has documented a 20% increase in their cash flow, thanks to an EHR that seamlessly connects their clinical and financial data.

“Affordability was a concern for us when we were evaluating our EHR options, but we also needed the right tools to help our teams collaborate, analyze data, and improve our daily processes,” says José Pabón, CEO of Wilma N. Vázquez. “At the end of the day, we wanted an integrated EHR that would give us results as well as a return on our investment. With MEDITECH, we got it.”

With the Web EHR, Wilma N. Vázquez Medical Center has benefited from evidence-based order sets built right into their system, enabling providers to make faster, more accurate care decisions while also processing billing info more effectively. 

“Having evidence-based content at our fingertips is making a world of difference for us, in terms of reducing errors, lowering clinical denials, and making better information available to all of our staff,” Pabón says. “We can more easily identify potential problems like HACs, and intervene faster. We’ve even lowered our wait time in the ED by at least 30%. Our patients are receiving the care they deserve and expect from us.”

Wilma N. Vázquez Medical Center is also seeing improvements in patient engagement, thanks to MEDITECH’s Patient and Consumer Health Portal. “MEDITECH’s patient portal is a very good and simple tool for patients to get more involved with driving their own care. Communities are demanding more information from their providers, and our portal is helping to provide that,” Pabón adds. 

“Everyday we see the system work better for us, improving quality and the loyalty of our patients. We’re proud to have MEDITECH on our side.”