MEDITECH is in the Cloud


Despite the adoption of cloud computing in many industries, some healthcare leaders have long been hesitant to use these technologies due to HIPAA concerns. However, several recent industry reports are showing that an increasing number of healthcare CIOs are finally beginning to trust “the cloud,” and are successfully using it to improve their patient data management.

“Cloud security has improved in recent years, and many healthcare leaders are now relying on it for safe storage of patient data,” says Melissa Swanfeldt, associate vice president at MEDITECH. “Many hospital CIOs are now recognizing that cloud computing can assist them with sharing information across multiple organizations and reducing costs, without compromising safety and security.”

Porter Research has released an industry brief called Healthcare Industry Reaches Tipping Point: CIOs Now Demand The Cloud For Shared Savings And Interoperability, with its findings from a recent study sponsored by Covisint. The report notes that 58 percent of surveyed hospital C-level executives had a high level of confidence in cloud computing.

MEDITECH’s solutions can be hosted in the cloud, providing service to users across departments, facilities, and locations from any end point. We recently provided access by incorporating HTML front ends to traditionally client-accessible data, bolstered by encrypted security and immediate cache clearing to protect PHI. Moving forward, all of our new applications will be developed specifically for the Web.

“MEDITECH is ready to take healthcare organizations into the future with cloud computing,” says Swanfeldt. “Providers will be able to access their patients’ information from anywhere—which will help them improve collaboration, interoperability, and, most importantly, patient care delivery.”