MEDITECH Executives Celebrate Roots, Shape Future at MD/CIO Forum


MEDITECH executives A.Neil Pappalardo (Chairman), Howard Messing (President and CEO), and Helen Waters (Vice President Sales & Marketing) opened the Company’s annual Physician & CIO Forum. The annual event, held at the firm’s Joanne Wood Conference Center in Foxborough, Massachusetts, brings hundreds of MEDITECH customer physicians and CIOs together to network, learn, and strategize.

The executive remarks provided an enlightening look back at the passion and experience that ignited MEDITECH’s formative years, and bridged to a review of how those roots are reflected in the Company’s current web-based offering.

A video clip of a 2008 speech that Pappalardo gave at his alma mater, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, illuminated his personal journey with MEDITECH from 1969 to the present day. “We must continue re-developing our products, continue to anticipate the needs of our customers by adding appropriate functionality, and we must strive to make the human interface easier to comprehend and use,” said Pappalardo as he outlined MEDITECH’s Technological Imperative.

“We’re applying these guiding principles to a very different industry today,” said Waters during her subsequent presentation. “We have released the first fully web-based mobile EHR which is shared, patient-centered, and driven by Usability and Productivity.”

Messing’s remarks focused on the Four Driving Forces at MEDITECH today: Physician Productivity, The Patient Experience, Sustainability of Healthcare, and Interoperability, with a future focus on Cloud. “The original EHR mindset was to guarantee no loss of productivity. That’s not good enough. Technology must make you more productive.”