MEDITECH's EPR Improves Healthcare Efficiency For Rotherham

MEDITECH EPR Gives Rotherham a Clearer View of Healthcare Efficiency Data

Director of Health Informatics James Rawlinson of The Rotherham Foundation NHS Trust explains how the MEDITECH EPR is enabling new technology-driven efficiencies and helping drive high quality, safe patient care.


Data analytics is making a difference for The Rotherham Foundation NHS Trust, as the MEDITECH EPR is enabling new technology-driven efficiencies to help them drive high quality, safe patient care. 

With about 100,000 Accident & Emergency patients, 72,000 inpatients, and 250,000 outpatient attendances each year, Rotherham needed a better way of accessing their data at anytime and at any location. Rotherham now enjoys a single clinical care view across their entire organisation after implementing a real-time operational portal and a cloud-based rich visualisation platform. 

“Clinicians and senior leaders across our organisation have long appreciated the Trust’s very deep, rich and codified data repository through the MEDITECH EPR,” says James Rawlinson, director of health informatics at Rotherham. ”These platforms are powered by our EPR and their capabilities can only be enhanced by its further use of the MEDITECH system.” 

As reported in Digital Health, Rotherham has cut outpatient waiting lists by 65 percent in some areas and are consistently in the top 10 percent of trusts for hospital length of stay and caring for patients within the 18-week referral-to-treatment target.

“We’re improving our outpatient clinics with a very clear single view of patients and their waiting times,” adds Rawlinson. "Our locality teams are also able to quickly address unexpected emergency admissions and provide community care plans.”

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