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MEDITECH Develops Critical Relationship with Valley Hospital Nurse


Alicia Brubaker, RN, BSN, CCRN-CMC, leads a double life. By day, she shares her immense care-giving experience with the Critical Care Units at Valley Hospital (Ridgewood, NJ).  There, Alicia and her cardiac colleagues care for patients who suffered cardiac arrest and heart attacks, as well as those recovering from open heart surgery.

But she holds another important position, one that also brings great care to patients, though perhaps in a less obvious way. Alicia works with MEDITECH to develop and perfect the very Critical Care software she uses every shift. Knowing the system intimately from day-to-day use, she assists MEDITECH’s development staff to hone functionality, where it can best serve Critical Care Units.

Alicia’s expertise, along with that of other members of the Valley Hospital team, has made an incredible mark on the tools they are helping to develop. As she puts it, "You never really need to leave the flowsheet," a huge plus for Critical Care nurses.

Watch Alicia describe her impact on MEDITECH's Critical Care solution, and find out how it supports the fast-paced workflow of a Critical Care Unit.