MEDITECH Improves Productivity, Cuts Costs at Phoebe Putney

In this video, CMIO Dr. William Sewell explains how Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital has used MEDITECH's 6.1 EHR to improve productivity and their bottom line.


One year into its implementation of MEDITECH’s 6.1 EHR, Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital (Albany, GA) has improved productivity and realized significant financial savings by providing a unified EHR solution for its five locations.

“We’ve been able to realize cost savings in HIM, in the lab, in the financial department, and in materials management,” explains Dr. William Sewell, CMIO. “We’ve reduced our HL7 interfaces from 500 down to about 250; it costs about $2,000 a year per interface, so that’s almost $500,000 that we’ve cut out since going on MEDITECH.”

The challenge for Phoebe Putney, according to Dr. Sewell, was bringing five “very disparate organizations” together in one integrated EHR platform. 

“It has really helped to bring us together as a system,” says Dr. Sewell. “That allows us to provide a common experience for our patients, no matter what facility they’re visiting. We want one patient, one record, one experience.”

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