MEDITECH Celebrates World Blood Donor Day

Each year, June 14th is marked as the annual day of recognition for those who give blood in order to help save the lives of people everywhere. A recent article on ABC News tells the story of an 81-year old Australian man who is credited for saving the lives of more than 2 million babies, thanks to 60 years of donating his unique blood. Join us as we help celebrate those who donate blood, as well as those who work to keep the blood supply safe for the populations they serve. 

MEDITECH has worked with the American Red Cross for over 16 years to host quarterly employee blood drives in our U.S. facilities. As of this writing, our employees have donated over 1,073 gallons (8,571 pints of blood) and over 770 pints of power red (concentrated red blood cells). But in addition to these local efforts, MEDITECH also participates in several global initiatives for safe and effective blood donation. 

In collaboration with the National Blood Transfusion Service (NBTS), MEDITECH created an offline mobile blood bank solution for Botswana, to help support blood collection services across the region where network connectivity is often scarce. The solution eliminates time spent processing unusable donated units based on ineligible donor status, and prevents unusable blood from being entered into the LIVE system.

In the westernmost province of Canada, MEDITECH is partnering with Interior Health Authority (Kelowna, British Columbia), for their Blood Bank solution. The health authority serves a variety populations throughout a wide swath of the geographically diverse province, including:

  • 59 municipalities, including residential and assisted living care
  • 54 First Nations communities
  • 24 health centres with over a 100 designated care areas for specialty care
  • 7 regional hospitals.

​“MEDITECH’s Blood Bank Solution enables us to smoothly move our product inventory across multiple sites,” says Interior Health Authority Lab Application Specialist Brian Smith. “The electronic crossmatch functionality improves patient safety and product delivery, and allows us to do all of the necessary product and patient testing in a way that works for us and our patient population.”

Wherever you are in the world, we all share the same patient health and safety goals. And, whether it’s donating blood or other forms of giving, such generous acts of kindness and volunteerism provide those in need with renewed hope for a better tomorrow.