MEDITECH and U.S. Surgeon General Align on Population Health


Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, who prepared for his term by going on a listening tour of the U.S., plans to use the office to promote a “prevention-based society” in which  institutions—schools, businesses, and places of worship—encourage wellness and individual empowerment.

“Doctors all across the country, nurses across the country, share similar stories of feeling a great deal of sadness when they see the pain and the suffering that patients and their families go through, and realize that if we had a system that could care for people better, that was actually more focused on prevention than our current system, that we may be able to prevent a lot of the illness, the suffering and the health care costs that we see in our current world,” Murthy told The Washington Post.

A prevention-based society that encourages community wellness and patient-centered care requires tools that drive population health and patient engagement. MEDITECH’s EHR solutions include the Patient and Consumer Health Portal, which enables patients to take charge of their healthcare, as well as Home Care and Telehealth monitoring devices, disease registries, and population analytics.