MEDITECH and Centennial-MIT Named to UK Clinical and Digital Information Systems (CDIS) Framework

MEDITECH’s integrated solution is now available on the UK’s recently launched Clinical and Digital Information Systems (CDIS) Framework, as MEDITECH’s longtime partner Centennial-MIT has been appointed as a supplier. The solution is available on the acute, community and paediatric lots of the CDIS Framework.

“We are thrilled to be part of this new framework,” says Gina Kerley, director of international sales at MEDITECH. “The CDIS Framework fittingly ties in with MEDITECH’s goal to bring the next generation of its innovative solutions to the UK, where MEDITECH has been a trusted supplier to NHS hospitals for over 25 years.”

Frameworks are developed to help standardize the health IT procurement process, which provides NHS Trusts with significant savings, as witnessed by earlier framework programs. The billion-pound CDIS Framework, which is also designed to help trusts achieve the NHS’ vision to become paperless by 2020, focuses on solutions surrounding interoperability and innovation.  

According to the NHS London Procurement Partnership, which launched the framework, “It will combine the benefits of an EPR system with the integration and interoperable digital tools which will give care professionals and carers access to all the data, information and knowledge they need, where and when they need it.”

“We have enjoyed a longstanding partnership with MEDITECH,” says Charles Blackburn, CEO, Centennial-MIT. “Their solid history coupled with their transformative Web EPR, aligns well with the CDIS Framework.”

The framework was designed as a national coverage framework, making it available to health authorities across the UK.

Learn about MEDITECH’s milestone in the United Kingdom, as well as its appointments to the Gateshead and the Shared Business Services frameworks.

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