MEDITECH 6.x Outperforms Other EHRs on CMS Quality and Value Measures


A recent study finds that hospitals using MEDITECH 6.x outperform those using Cerner and Epic (as well as MEDITECH’s older platforms) on CMS Quality and Value measures.  

The study, conducted by Navin, Haffty & Associates, uses data from the CMS database as well as MU attestation and EHR data provided by Definitive Healthcare, to validate each hospital’s EHR.

The study showed that:

  • Fewer 6.x hospitals experienced Medicare penalties associated with being in the bottom quartile for risk-adjusted Hospital Acquired Condition (HAC) quality measures.

  • The highest percentage of MEDITECH 6.x hospitals showed a positive Value Based Purchasing adjustment, while the smallest percentage of 6.x hospitals showed a negative adjustment.

  • A greater percentage of Cerner and Epic hospitals experienced readmission penalties than did MEDITECH MAGIC and C/S hospitals. MEDITECH 6.x hospitals showed the lowest percentage of penalties.

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