MEDITECH’s Lead Physician Informaticist Talks Population Health at AMIA Symposium


At the AMIA 2015 Annual Symposium (Nov. 14-18), MEDITECH’s Lead Physician Informaticist, Steve Jones, MD, led a roundtable discussion explaining how integrated disease registries are a critical component of chronic disease management.

Today, more than 145 million Americans live with a chronic condition — nearly half the population. Using integrated and actionable disease registries, providers have the opportunity to manage the care and costs of different patient populations, including the chronically ill.

"By meeting with thought leaders and practitioners from the national community, MEDITECH not only got to show with pride our Business and Clinical Analytics and Registry products, but also gained important validation from this experienced audience,” said Dr. Steve Jones.

In related news, the AMIA recently urged the federal government to consider changing its informatics policies for the eventual shift to a value-based payments model — a shift tied heavily to population health with a focus on managing high-risk patients.

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