Managing Complex Treatments - Botswana


Like many people living with HIV, Vicky faces the burden of juggling multiple chronic diseases. Managing her many treatment programs requires an integrated approach to ensure the best possible outcomes. With MEDITECH’s EHR, Vicky’s providers are able to collaborate, securely sharing patient information across settings and coordinating her treatments through longitudinal care plans.

Vicky has Internet access to patient education materials, and is able to view upcoming appointments. She can also receive reminders on her mobile phone and send requested information back to the clinic. Enabling Vicky to communicate with her providers empowers her to pursue care in a way that works around her needs.

In 2003, the Botswana Ministry of Health implemented MEDITECH in numerous hospitals and clinics, to support their HIV/AIDS program. Since then, we’ve rolled out our software to even more hospitals, comprising 60 percent of the country’s hospital beds. By continuing to work alongside care organizations in Botswana, we can help more people like Vicky manage serious diseases and continue with their everyday lives.